Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful Day 8- PHBC

[Today Jax is thankful for: movies]

Dustie has been in the ministry for 12 years. I've been a part of it for 11 of those years. We just began our ministry at our 3rd church & we are SO THANKFUL for how entirely loving all of our churches have been!

Today I'm thankful for Petal-Harvey Baptist Church. (FBCV & CBC faith family-y'all's day is tomorrow ;))

For those who have followed this journey through my blog-you know the amazing story of how God lovingly placed us here. I am thankful for every single beautiful bit of that journey. God is more real to me & more present in every little detail than ever.

From the first meeting of the Pastor Search Committee, to the present, PHBC has been SUCH a blessing! Right after our "pounding," someone from church came up to me & told about how when they went to Walmart to get us a gift card for the pounding, Walmart was OUT of gift cards. She's a newer member (over the past couple of years) & she said, "This church is so loving. You know, not all churches are like this." I DO know!! May I NEVER take for granted how our precious church family loves on us, ministers to us, & often times, downright spoils us!!

I am so thankful for the FIERY HUNGER of the people. Every service or event that I've witnessed with PH people, they are so ready for the Word of God, they want Him to speak, & they welcome His conviction & correction! 

I'm thankful for everyone's excitement & encouragement.

I'm thankful for a talented, passionate church staff. I love seeing what God is doing in their ministries & am so thankful for how they support D as Pastor.

I'm thankful for the friends I have made & am making! God knows the extrovert half of me needed friends quickly. (Especially with this stay-at-home-mom mumbo jumbo ;)) I really love meeting new people & making new friends. I'm not talking about the small talk junk that I'm not a big fan of. I'm talking about God-based relationships with people I can "do life" with. By our 3rd week here, I prayed for God to begin to cultivate my relationships. I was really ready for some FRIENDS! The next few days my SS class had a little party, I was invited to sub for Bunco, & gals started inviting me to lunch or different places. (God's so very good!!!!!) I'm loving every single friend God has blessed me with so far. I'm thankful for those who have taken the time to invest in me & get to know me. I'm thankful for how I can feel such a bond with someone I just met-all because we are sisters in Christ.

We're still the "new kids" here, but we love it. God placed that love in our hearts before we even moved to Petal.

Thank You Father for Petal-Harvey Baptist Church!!

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