Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful Day 6- John

[Today Jax is thankful for: Hootie]

Today I am thankful for my JohnJohn. I haven't allowed myself to go back & read any of last year's Thankful posts because I don't want what I wrote last year to influence what I say this year. I want these posts to be written through my "present day" lenses. 
That being said, I'm pretty sure I can recall my post about John. Writing this post about John takes me back to Vivian, in our living room in the recliner of the couch, nursing John while I thought & wrote & spent countless hours with my new baby & my Lord. His birth (& constant hunger) is a big reason why I got into this blogging habit.
I remember D & my early ideas about John's personality (you could see it from birth) & we were right on! From day ONE this little boy has shown his very strong personality. He knows what he wants, he's stubborn, strong-willed, & he will walk all over his big brother if Jax doesn't stop him. 
But somehow, intermingled with all that chaos, he's a sweet, silly boy who loves to laugh, loves to play, can throw a ball like a pro, & adores puppies.
He serious & a thinker like Jax was as a baby. He doesn't freely give his smiles & love, but if you are able to win him over, you've got him because he's a loyal one. Who would guess this kid is only ONE?! :)

Fun things about John: 
-His head has been in the 90th percentile for every doctor visit. His height & weight are catching up a little. Some friends adoringly :) call him, "Noggin."
-He hasn't had an interest in talking up until recently, but he's understood some crazy smart things for a long time. (Jax spoke very well really early, so this is new to us.) 
-He couldn't stand to wear shoes up until last week. Whenever we put shoes on him, he reminded us of our dog when we put shoes on him & all 4 feet were pointing in a different direction! He's doing great wearing some Converse, but D put him down while he was wearing boots at a block party last week & he stood frozen in the same place for at least 15 minutes!
-He's fun
-He loves to give hugs & kisses. (Especially when he gets in trouble. He thinks that makes everything better!)

Thank You Father for my John Deacon Dunn!

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