Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful Day 24- Arts & Crafts!

Today I'm thankful for arts and crafts!

For as long a I can remember, I've always loved a good craft project! Doing creative things is restful to my brain, it actually rejuvenates me, it often times saves me money (when I see something I want that I can make), & it's a big hobby of mine.

I've worked on a few Fall/Thanksgiving projects lately. (Most are Pinterest ideas. Maybe I should say that I'm thankful for Pinterest!)

(See my "Completed Pins" Board for the tutorials)

Here is the Turkey I was supposed to make at a paint party my friend had. I was unable to go to the party, but I got a cutout from her & painted it on my own. We have enjoyed this little turkey!

This is what I have named a Blessing Plate (cuz...duh). I've eyed a plate like this for a few years, but never could bite the bullet to drop $60-$80 for a PLATE! I recently went shopping with a new friend & saw it again in a boutique & was reminded of how much I LOVE it! But again...$60-$80 Dustie/Dave Ramsey would NOT have approved! (I mean, where's my envelope named: "frivolous plate that NO ONE will be allowed to eat on...or touch for that matter!") 
Enter Pinterest. 
Long story (obviously) short, I decided to make one using Sharpies & baking it. Viola!
I've made a couple other ones since then & I'm pretty pleased! I'm REALLY pleased with all the money saved!

The other project is a Thankful Tablecloth!
This was made from a drop cloth bought at Lowes, cut & hemmed to size, & then written on with black Sharpie. 
The lady from the tutorial said that it took her 4 hours to complete. I thought that was ridiculous. But oh... :) I didn't do mine in one sitting, but in my spare time. (For many days.)
We made a list as a family of the things we were thankful for & I slowly added them one-by-one. I love it so much! 
It's actually not finished/completely full, but it doesn't look incomplete. I love that so we can add to it each year as our lives change.

I forgot to take a picture of it when it's fully "styled." I have a galvanized 3-tiered stand that goes in the center. The stand holds small pumpkins & other fun Fall stuff. (I'll add a pic later.)

Thank You Lord for fun things!!


  1. i LOVE it!!!! Great idea! I think we are going to make a thankful tablecloth, too!

  2. Your creativeness is so inspiring, Jenni. I will have to share your idea with one of my daughters who is almost as crafty as you are.