Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Fun with the Dunns

Here's a look at some of the things we've been doing this fall:

A bunch of smiling, cheesing, & posing! 

Fun Birthday Partying!

Lots of Tailgating & Football-ing! 
Go Panthers!!

Getting spoiled by sweet church family!


Movie Watching.

Our whole brigade went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Jax's class.

Goofing off & Glowing-in-the-dark.

Bubble Blowing & Quality Timing.

Pumpkin Patch-ing.
Again with John's class.

Baking. Spoon Licking. Partying.


Room Mom-ing.

Brother Loving.

Getting visits from the Great Pumpkin!

Being cute. 


Stomach Virus-ing. Hard.

Spiritual Battling. Hard.

Getting a new Bible to read before bed.

Daddy Loving.




Car-lining. Reading.

Baby Godzilla-ing.
That's what Jax says Jeb looks like when he does this.

More Baby Growing.

Sweet Visiting.

Billy Mack-ing. :)

Uncle Jessie Visiting.
Which also means Chasing & Sword Fighting!



Pecan Distributing & Thank You Note Writing.

John's class had a small Thanksgiving feast!

Jax's class was the Native Americans & his neighboring class was the Pilgrims. They "sailed" over to have lunch together.

Thanksgiving Feasting!
I cannot believe I didn't take a pic of our meal!

Cousin Loving.
Belle Belle got all the grands matching camo outfits!

The GranDunns & D's sister & her family came for Thanksgiving. We had a really great time!

God Thanking.
The kids wrote out what they were thankful for on their placemats for Thanksgiving. They were pretty real. It was precious.

Picture Taking.
Picture-booth fun with the cousins!

Pumpkin Pie-ing.

We took family photos in October. We're giving photo gifts to our parents (Don't worry, it's just to the ones who will think it's a gift. Haha!) so D hasn't let me share any of them. It's killing me!!

What has the fall had you all doING??? :)