Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back to School for John

John started back to school three weeks ago. (How's this for a timely post?!) He was more than ready to get back!

He took a small happy to his new teacher on meet-the-teacher night.

I could eat him up!

I just love the toddler stage.

John with his teacher Mrs. Shelly.

After meet-the-teacher.

He got a BLUE bubble wand & M&Ms. Basically the way to John's heart.

Afterwards, we went to get dinner at Huddle House. (D was out of town preaching the Sr. Adult Camp.)

Jeb was there too. His hair was messed up all day!

Sweet boy.

John the morning of his first day.

Morning carline. He was so excited!

Here he is the next morning.

Day Two!

A couple of lunchbox pics. (Y'all know me!)

John eating lunch.
John's teacher made a private Facebook page for the parents & she posts a ton of pictures on there from each week.

I love that I can see all the fun things he's doing.

We're so thankful for our preschool!!