Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful Day 4- Hubs

[Today Jax is thankful for: "my house"]

Today I'm thankful for my best friend & husband Dustie Dunn.
First, I must say that while I am biased, I will not lie. I am not a mushy gushy girl, but this post might annoy you b/c I am my Hubs' biggest fan.

There are sooo many things I love about him (& I think this is the 3rd blogpost about him in this way since this time last year), so I've highlighted just a few that came to mind.

-He's a great father. He's ever-present, involved, & chases after the hearts of his children. Even though he often has a crazy ministry schedule, the boys & I know we're his priority. He & John have an unbreakable bond that began with their shared love for popcorn. Jax claims his Daddy as "Best Friend." I love seeing the pride & awe in D's eyes when it comes to our boys. He is so in love with them. They are very fortunate to have him as their Daddy.

-He is a great husband. He's patient, kind, gentle, loving, trustworthy, respectful, hilarious, intelligent, creative, crazy... Everything about him fits my personality. This man really is my better half. I've known him for 15 years, been in a relationship with him for 11 of those years, & for all the time I've known him, he has always been someone who makes me better for being around him or spending time with him. (From what I've witnessed, he's that way for most people he spends time with.) I have no doubt that the Lord made us for each other-to compliment one another.

-I can't help but talk about who he is as a Preacher & Pastor because it's in the very fiber of his being! He most definitely has an anointing on his life that was obvious to me even as a sophomore in high school. The Holy Spirit speaks through him, calling people out of sin, complacency, spiritual poverty, & calling them to a Holy life. His calling oozes out of him. His mom tells us it was even obvious at age 4 when he would witness to people in the grocery store. He is a Preacher through-&-through.

-D was blessed with God-given wisdom. That's not really a description I would usually give a 30 year-old, but I have been on this ride with D for a long time. I must preface this claim with some info: I am not one of those girls who blindly follows & thinks her husband can do no wrong. Bless D's heart, I am most definitely a "thinks for herself"...backseat driver..."let me tell you how I would do it" kinda girl. (He loves it!! Ha! ;)) But I have learned that when it comes to leadership, whether it's in our home or in our church, D has a direct line to the Lord. I don't ever have to second-guess that. I can trust that he has sought the Lord & will ONLY do His will to fulfill His purposes. 
D's whole ministry journey makes me think of 2 Corinthians 12:9-that in D's weakness, God is strong. [Maybe sometime I'll ask permission to share some of D's ministry story (or maybe I can get him to share), but believe me when I say, D most definitely knows who to give all the glory to.]

-He's smart
-He's strong
-He's a gifted leader
-He's humble
-He's patient
-He knows his weaknesses & constantly works to be better
-He knows how to love me

I'm so thankful for Dustie Dunn ;)

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