Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful Day 3- Holy Spirit

[Thankful Day 3: Jax is thankful for John.]

Today I am thankful for the Holy Spirit. 
When we first came to PHBC, my Sunday School class was studying the Holy Spirit. We talked a lot about how, sometimes as Baptists, we don't always give the Holy Spirit part of the Trinity equal attention to God the Father & God the Son. We discussed how He is also a person, but many of us forget & call Him "It". 
I let all of that roll around in my head for a few weeks. I think the human/flesh part of me can be like that. Because I'm a PERSON, I can completely relate to the concept of a Father & a Son, but the idea of a spirit is a little foreign to me. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have a more intimate relationship with God the Holy Spirit than I thought. I am thankful that He is my Intercessor for times when I can't pray, don't know how to pray, or am in a place where I know in my head what to pray, but my heart needs to catch up. He goes to the Lord on my behalf with just the right words. I'm so thankful that He's my Comforter. I am a needy person! I go to the Lord for every eyelash in my eye or hang-nail. I can't comprehend what the lost do without the comfort of God. I'm thankful for His conviction. This is so huge to me. I rely on His prompting & speaking to my heart all throughout the day. I'm thankful that He draws people to Himself. The conviction & drawing were some of the attributes we discussed in SS too & my eyes were opened to these specific qualities of the Holy Spirit. I have people in my life that I constantly pray for to have a better relationship with God & often times, I just want to make their life decisions for them. But I learned that my job is to pray for the Holy Spirit's work. I need to trust & leave the drawing & conviction to the God who loves that person immeasurably more than I.
He is God's presence that is with me on Earth every single day. I am SO thankful!

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