Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Goodbyes

For those who follow my blog, you know that I've been doing a Bible Study on idolatry for...well, forever. (Really. I first did it in June 2013 & have been doing it on & off since then.)

I went through some other Bible Studies after completing it the first time in July/August 2013 & God continued to reveal new idols to me & I knew I had to work on them.

For background, this Bible Study has rocked my world consistently over the past eight-plus months. Here are my past posts about it.
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Over the past couple of months, I have been pretty burdened by a couple of idols that the Lord revealed to me. I've been on a roller coaster trying to rid my life of them & doing well for a couple of days, or even a week, & then failing. For some reason, I have had it in my head that I need to get rid of them. No question that God is a priority or that I want Him to be my ONLY priority, so I need to just get rid of them right? Well friends, it's not that easy. I have been relying on myself to do the cleaning out, when there is no way I can do it alone. (You would think this was my first time doing this Bible Study!) The first time I went through this study, God revealed how family & fear were some of my idols & He helped me do the cleaning out in so many ways in my life. (When I think of that time I picture myself, a couple of weeks before I moved away from all of my family, sitting in a bathtub with my infant & my childhood dog while a tornado flew over my parent's house. I feel like my life was literally stripped of those idols & I'm so thankful.) This time, as God has revealed new idols, I thought I was smart & knew what I was doing & would just get rid of them. Just like that. (This was also a little part of the spiritual warfare/lies that the enemy has been telling me. He lied and deceived me into feeling like a failure b/c I couldn't simply get rid of them.) Funny, how quickly I forget what it was like just a few months ago. It is NOT that easy & it is NOT something I can do on my own.

A few weeks ago, one Sunday, God reminded me through His Word that I was not expected to do this alone. What a relief. Then this week in No Other Gods I am reminded of the same thing. This week is named, "Good Goodbyes." It's about cleaning out & getting rid of the idols once they have been recognized. I'm still in the process of doing this, but just being reminded that I'm not expected to do it alone-I can't explain the burden that was lifted & the freedom I feel.

Today's study was on the Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17-31). I just want to share a few parts that I loved & highlighted/underlined/journaled/want tattooed on!:

-"Embracing the new & parting with things of the past have been impossible for me to do all by myself, which is why I love one of the verses we're looking at today. 'With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.' Mark 10:27"

-"When the Lord tells us to part with our idols-or offer them up to Him-He is looking at us & loving us. He sees that our idols are in the way. He also knows that He has the power to turn whatever we parted with into a hundred fold in this lifetime, while also granting us eternal life. He can do this not because we make it possible, but because all things are possible with him." This is another place where Satan was trying to deceive me. He made me feel like the Lord was mad at me, when I really know my God to be loving and compassionate & rooting for me & willing to help me.

-This part was my very favorite. One of Kelly Minter's friends, Anadara, journaled this when she was in the process of moving & she was cleaning out her house. She talks about how she kept finding things she had hidden or put away to clean the rest of her house when she had visitors. She related it to the Lord going on a cleaning spree in her life. She says, "I have invited Jesus into every room. Surprisingly, He's been helping me clean, I always imagined Him coming in and saying with an authoritative voice, 'There's no room for Me here! When I come back this better be clean.' Well, like a typical kid, with that kind of relationship with God, I just lived my life hiding the things I was supposed to get rid of and created the illusion that I had cleaned up. I have come to find out, beautifully, that this is not how Jesus works. Jesus gets His hands dirty. He comes in and helps us clean. He hands us the things we need to get rid of. And He doesn't make a face. He doesn't complain. He is doing what He came to do. He is in His element. It is a gift to allow Him into the mess. It doesn't faze Him. He already knows it's there. But He wants us to clean with Him. We have to take part in it to understand the weight of what we have to clean out-and what we ultimately can't do by ourselves. Then we can truly appreciate it when He all of a sudden has room to sit down and start ministering to our hearts, truly providing for us the things we were ashamed of desiring-so we hid. All the things we were afraid we would lose. But we find out, when we lose our life we find it. Oh, the mystery."

-"I understand the beauty of getting rid of the things that simply take up space. That's what our lesser gods do. They offer a case sense of security and hope. They really aren't doing anything. We are deceived."

-"The One who asks us to clean house is the One who empowers us to do it...Luke 18:27...'The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

What fantastic freedom to know that The Victor ;) is helping me do this!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Victor's Crown

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.
James 1:12

Some of my friends are touring the Holy Land right now, so I've been living vicariously through them & their Facebook pictures. 

Tonight, in Choir, we practiced our music for our Maundy Thursday / Easter program. Y'all. It's powerful. The lyrics & the Truth it tells just gets all over me.

There was one song we practiced tonight that stuck in my head & the lyrics were right-on as far as touching everything I'm dealing with right now on my journey of sanctification.

Yes, I took a picture of the music during practice, so that I would remember to go stalk it later. I am that strange person. I'm pretty sure Tim (our friend & Worship Pastor) saw me & probably would have stopped to point & laugh if he did not have 12 songs on the agenda to practice. (I hope it's ok to take pictures of this! Good thing I'm a terrible photographer-especially when I'm trying to be discreet in the middle of rehearsal!)

The name of the song is Victor's Crown. [Music & lyrics by Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton, & Kari Jobe (arranged by Travis Cotrell)]:

You are always fighting for us
Heaven's angels all around
My delight is found in knowing
That You wear the Victor's crown
You're my help and my defender
You're my Saviour and my friend
By Your grace I live and breathe
To worship You

At the mention of Your greatness
In Your Name I will bow down
In Your presence fear is silent
For You wear the Victor's crown
Let Your glory fill this temple
Let Your power overflow
By Your grace I live and breathe
To worship You

You have overcome
You have overcome
Jesus You have overcome the world

You are ever interceding
As the lost become the found
You can never be defeated
For You wear the Victor's crown
You are Jesus the Messiah
You're the Hope of all the world
By Your grace I live and breathe
To worship You

You have overcome
You have overcome
Jesus You have overcome the world

Every high thing must come down
Every stronghold shall be broken
You wear the Victor's crown
You overcome
You overcome

At the cross the work was finished
You were buried in the ground
But the grave could not contain You
For You wear the Victor's crown

You have overcome
You have overcome
Jesus You have overcome the world

Every high thing must come down
Every stronghold shall be broken
You wear the Victor's crown
You overcome
You overcome

If you were to look back & read in my blog-probably in just this past year-you will see how this song covers so much of my spiritual journey.
-With my dealings with spiritual warfare, this reminds me that God is fighting on my side & is the ultimate winner.
-With my weeding out any idols in my life, the very lyrics say: 
"Every high thing must come down
Every stronghold shall be broken
You wear the Victor's crown
You overcome
You overcome" 
Amen!! What hope!!
-& finally, the thing that means the most of course is about how Christ died for me & defeated death & has overcome this world!!!

In case you didn't know, everyone in my house is snoring...I mean, asleep! ;) & I'm just having my own worship service. It's all I can do to keep quiet & not disturb them.

This God; this Helper, Defender; this Conquering King; this Gracious, Merciful Savior...loves me!
& He loves you too.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Glass House / Help Us Love You

This is the first of what I hope to be a blog series about ministry life. While I feel as if I was being made for ministry life since birth, it is definitely it's own "animal." It is a lifestyle that can only truly be understood by others in the ministry & even then, I've witnessed some ministry folk who don't understand their own life. Through this series I plan to share our (specifically mine & D's) view on different topics, as well as insight into our life. I think it will be fun. :)

Today's post is about how you can help your pastor/staff minister to you & what you can expect from us.

1. If you want us to know about a sickness, a struggle, or anything you're going through, please tell us! Set up a time to talk with us, send us a text, an email, be sure to get the message to us personally.
-Never assume that we saw your Facebook post about it. (Many church staff have at least 2 churches full of Facebook friends, there is no way we could keep up with what everyone says/posts.)
-If we do find out information "through the grapevine" & not from you personally, it's hard to know whether or not someone wants you to know if they did not tell you personally. We deal with hundreds of people, which means we deal with at least that many personalities. Some people are open & want the whole church to know, & some people are private.
-Don't tell one staff member and assume they will all know. Each pastor has an ongoing prayer list of people with different needs. While they all try to keep each other updated, there is no guarantee the particular pastor you told will remember to tell every other staff member.
-Don't tell your pastor & expect his wife to know. If you tell D anything big, or small, he will tell no one else. Not me, not the dog, not another staff member. He will never tell at all unless you tell him that you want him to tell, & even then, he still might not. 

2. When we make a visit when you are sick, or grieving, or for whatever reason, we won't stay long.
-It's "Ministry 101" to not stay long when visiting.
-I can testify that after I had John, I was exhausted! I didn't sleep much the night before, so after I had him I just wanted to sleep. I'm embarrassed to say, I slept through some people who came to visit.
-When we visit we are there to show we care, we want to love on you and pray for you, and then leave so you can rest and heal.

These are just a couple of things to start off with. 

Overall, Dustie & I want you to know that it is our hearts desire to know you & do life with you. D & I both had specific callings into the ministry. We are so thankful that we get to spend our days loving & growing The Church.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Funder, Fundercats...HO!!!"

One of Jax's dreams for his Baby Brother came true. 

Below is a video that we recorded of Jax when I was pregnant with John. We asked him about some of the plans he had for his brother. This video must be viewed on a computer. It won't play on a phone :( sorry.

To translate a little: Jax was saying that "Baby John" would love Tarzan, the Rainforest Cafe, he would teach him to say, "I have the power!" like HeMan, that he would need a baby sword, & that he would teach him to say, "Funder, Fundercats…HO!!!" (Thunder, Thundercats…HO!!!)

As you can imagine, Baby Brother has always been interested in all that Big Brother has done, but recently, John has gotten curious specifically about the Thundercats. It started with the fun swords. & then today, John pulled out some of the Thundercats movies to watch. Big Brother was happy to oblige as he talked all the way through the first episode to explain each character. :)

Being a boy mom is always an adventure! 

I love it!

Thundercats! HO!!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Love Love

If you haven't already figured it out, I love a holiday. I love doing anything that makes a regular day feel special. (We make up lots of special days in our family. It just keeps life exciting. When Jax was potty trained...let's celebrate! John gets a new tooth? Let's celebrate! You get the picture. I can't help it; it's the way I grew up.) 

This post is just a bunch of fun things we did to celebrate the big day of Love!

Here are two of my loves in some super snuggly Valentine pajamas.

Yes, we "trike" & "scoot" in the house. It's been crazy cold outside & I'm trying to keep these boys occupied without getting sick!

Here are some of the boys' Valentine goodies. (Clockwise from top left: some pampering goodies for the boys' Preschool Minister, Lindt chocolates for their SS teachers, John gave his SS friends a puppy coloring book & crayons, & Jax gave his friends Oreos with fun straws for milk.) Have I mentioned my love language is gifts (giving gifts!)?!

All my loves. Thank You, Jesus for my family!!

The Great Valentine brought some coloring books, a fun kids devotion book, some new cups, & few other small treats.

TBT I posted one of our OLD pics! D & I exchanged goodies on Friday. He gave me a pretty necklace I wanted & an iPad cover I needed (to protect it from small hands)! I gave D Apple TV & he was actually surprised! (Yeah, that never happens.) He had been eyeing it for a while b/c we're up in the air about what we want to do for cable if we want it at all.

Just a little more cuteness, real quick!

We spent the day as a family on Friday & that night we went down to our friends, the Wade's, house for a yummy dinner & a fun time! I called it our family double date! 

My parents came in after work for a quick trip over the weekend & they arrived late Friday night. Today, they took the boys out for a fun lunch at Gattitown while D & I went out on our own date. I love dating my Hubs! We had a good day!

Tonight Dad gave me cooking lessons on some of my favorite Filipino meals!

This has been a fun Valentines Day weekend. But I'm so thankful that everyday of mine is filled with love. I'm so thankful for the family I have & the life I live, but I am so aware that all of it comes from Christ-the very embodiment of Love. Without Him, there would be no meaning to this life, there would be no love.

One of our precious youth from FBCV posted this verse on Valentines Day & I saved the picture:

I pray that you know this true love this Valentines Day weekend. Don't miss out on it one more day!!!

I love you & God loves you. I would love to tell you more about Him!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday Faves (Valentines Day Edition)

It's been a while since I've done a favorites post, so I have lots of new things I'm loving!

Friday is Valentines Day, so I kinda tried to make it Valentines-y.

I'm loving this new blush from Too Faced! You can use the three shades separately, or you can do like I do & swirl the brush in all three to create the perfect natural flush! My Mom needed "help" spending her Ulta gift card, ya know?! :)

Another fave is Stella & Dot! I seriously love ALL of their gorgeous accessories, but I think the hearts/animal print stuff is super cute for Valentines Day! Did you know I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist?! I am! I have their Spring catalog. If you wanna see their latest greatness & stuff you "need," just let me know & I'll get you one!

Another way I helped Mom spend her Ulta gift card: I got some of the new NYX Butter Lipsticks!! pretty, smooth, moisturizing, buttery!, & only like $5 a tube! That's right up my alley!

This isn't just a "Friday Fave," but a forever fave! Ever since college (maybe high school) I have wanted a Pink Vespa with a matching pink helmet!! D is sure I'll kill myself on it. :( Just a dream...

Speaking of LUV...this website/app Luvocracy is super great. It's just like Pinterest, except each product that is linked/luved can be purchased directly from the site. Y'all know my reputation with online shopping (filling a cart & then not buying anything) so I basically just use my Luvocracy like Pinterest, but it's there & ready for me if I ever do want to buy something!

I'm in the midst of 3 Bible Studies right now. No Other Gods, Divine Design, & my Sunday School curriculum. One of my "Friday Fave" is that I'm really loving my time with the Lord! I think it's so neat how God can use & tie together 3 separate studies. Another "fave" is our SS lesson for this week-it's SO GOOD! (SS is always good b/c I have a great teacher, but my own study of it is wonderful this week!) Rest assured, you'll see more on that!

Joshua 1:9 is one of my favorite verses of all time, but it's definitely a fave this week!

My family is my fave! They're so fun & just really neat folks. Thankful God gave them to me!
I also happen to be loving custom stationery! 

This man is my favorite. He's my best friend, he makes me better, he loves me so good, he's my Valentine!

My boys are my faves. We have so muh fun together! I love how Jax constantly compliments me & loves on me. He is so attentive & loving. He is going to make a great husband one day!

I also love how my boys love on each other! They are always hugging & they play together so well.
So glad they're mine!

Those are a few of my faves! What are y'all loving lately??

Monday, February 10, 2014

After the Fast

The past couple of weeks have been draining. The two weeks have been filled with some decision-making, some conviction from the Holy Spirit, some repentance, some lies planted by the enemy, a little seasonal depression, & I kind of feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Why? It's spiritual warfare, my friends.

PreacherHubs & I have been discussing the past couple of weeks & have recognized it once again. 
The last time we've discussed it in depth like we have now? This exact same time last year. We had just completed the Daniel Fast with FBC Vivian. I was going through such unrest in my heart & mind that I went to PreacherHubs & told him that I actually thought I needed medication. He was quick to help me discern the root of all of my confusion & unrest which led to this blog post. If you're taking the time to read this post, take 1 extra minute to read the post from last year. It's so eerily similar to my feelings lately that I almost want to repost it.

Did you read it?

Isn't it crazy?

We just had Disciple Now weekend a couple of weekends ago. God did an awesome work through that. We are seeing people saved and lives changed every week, Thank You, Sweet Father! We never want You to stop! Continue to show us Your Hand & Your Mighty Works!!

But intermingled with all of this goodness, there is also spiritual unrest. I would never betray the confidence of any of my precious friends, but let me just say that I know that I am not alone in my confusion & uneasiness. 

So what's the difference in last year and this year? First, I knew to expect it. Instead of me thinking I've lost it & am crazy & need medication, I was ready for Satan to try to steal my joy & peace. Second, I know how to combat it! Friend, get in the Word, talk with the Lord, & walk with Him each moment. Lift up every little thing that comes up during the day & allow your Precious Father to tend to it. Before you begin your day, put on your armor! (Pray Ephesians 6:10-18 for yourself & your family. Notice that each piece of armor is a defensive piece used to combat the enemy's schemes, except for the Bible. It is our offensive weapon/sword to use against the devil. Dig into the Word and find what verses best fit for your battle. Commit those to memory. They will be hidden in your heart & you will be in awe of how the Holy Spirit will bring them to your mind right when you need them most.)  Last, because I've been there, I know that JOY COMES IN THE MORNING! This time does not last forever. If you are seeking God about something specifically & just feel confused or uneasy, I urge you to continue to seek Him & persevere. Persevere, precious friends! "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him." James 1:12 Trust the Lord to reveal that which You are seeking. You may not get your answer in the way you thought you would, at the time you thought you would get it, or it may not even be the answer you were expecting, but I urge you to trust the Lord. "Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Him & He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Please know that you are not alone. You are not alone in your warfare. You have the Lord fighting for you & you have me praying for you. Just reason #898639237989 that I love being a part of the Body of Christ: intercessory prayer. Let's all pray for one another. "Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." James 5:16

Love y'all.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Idol Worship

As I've mentioned occasionally on here for months, I've been doing the Bible Study of Kelly Minter's- No Other Gods. It's all about Idol Worship & the many forms that it can be found in. I first did it mid-to-late 2013 & it was wonderful & exactly what I needed…& evidently something I still need. I've done a few other Bible Studies since then, but I keep going back to that one & even do it while doing other Bible Studies with friends. It's like God is telling me to just camp out there. So I am. He has used that Bible Study along with separate Bible Studies, Sunday School lessons, Sermons & seemingly EVERYTHING ELSE to reveal so many things to me about myself. He'll reveal one of my idols, we'll work on it, & then it's the same thing all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.
I hate that I have so much work to do. I truly want God to be not only my first priority, but my only priority. Don't let anyone tell you the journey of sanctification is easy.

In the event of full disclosure, my struggle with Idol Worship lately is: People Pleasing. I am, by nature, a people pleaser. I don't like conflict, I hate hurting feelings, I can't stand confrontation, if we agree-we must agree to disagree, I just want everything to be hunkee doree 24/7. As we all know, that is not practical. It's ok, to want to get along with people, but when it consumes your thoughts, worries, when it turns into something you meditate on instead of the Lord, THAT'S when it becomes an idol. Let me just say, guilty.

Father, help me to seek Your approval over Man's approval.
Help me to desire Your love over Man's.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Dunn Fun

I feel like we Dunns started the year off right! We had a wonderful January!

After our family Christmas/After-Christmas vacay, my parents took the boys back with them (while Mom was still out of school) & D & I took little trips. Not together :( but no fear, we will have one soon b/c this is the year of our 10th anniversary! I went on a girls' trip, so D went on a hunting trip.

Some church friends planned a girls' trip to Gulf Shores. It was to relax, refresh, & discuss & pray about the many things God has placed on each of our hearts lately.

It was freezing that week, & I think it's hilarious that not one of us stepped foot on the sand, but we still very much enjoyed the beach. Every sunrise & sunset, smell of the salty sea, sound of the crashing waves called us to worship the Creator.

We shopped, ate, studied & discussed the Bible, did crafts, stayed up way too late talking about ministry & how we met our husbands. The whole trip blessed me so much.

John had his 18 month well baby visit & all was great! His head size is in the 97th percentile, his height is in the 94th percentile, & his weight is in the 68th percentile. Thank You Jesus for my healthy babies!!

D & I went to a Dinner Theater while church friends kept the boys. They got to go in their pajamas & just had the time of their lives.

I got to sub again for Bunco & the theme was to represent your favorite sports team. It was fun, but it was the 2nd day of the Daniel Fast, so most of us were super tired. We were not ourselves that night. It was hilarious.

Here I am in my Saints Fan garb. I'm embarrassed for "selfies" & for when people take them & post them seriously. (They aren't embarrassed, but it's just one of those things where I'm embarrassed for them.) 
I do, however, think a selfie is called for when: A) I'm looking absolutely ridiculous & loving it! & B) D's not home to take my picture or refuses to b/c I look so crazy haha!
Check out my photo-bomber John. I think he might be embarrassed for me!
We were so out of it that night, that we forgot to take a group pic. Boo!

John being cute-wearing one of the outfits Pops & Belle Belle got him for Christmas. It's NSU-John's representing Uncle Jessie's school!

The boys had a blast at Playshop a couple of weeks ago. The theme was cars. They made steering wheels, had races, played with matchbox cars, made tire tracks with paint, & had story time. John loves story time so much, he likes to stand right in front of the book while it's being read. That's what he does at home! It's only a problem when 20 other children want to see the book! :) The third time I pulled him away, we diffused his tantrum with the snack for that day.

My 2014 Erin Condren planner came in. Happy! Nuff said.

Our church did the Daniel Fast for most of the month. I'm sure there will be some blog posts to come :)

D & Jax the Sunday night we broke the fast together.

The boys waiting for their ice cream cone at Mimi & Mitz's. They gather around Mitz acting excited & crazy. It's their "thing."

Two happy campers!

The boys eating at Smitty's Pizza-a place where Mom took me & Chris when we were kids. (It was Pizza Inn then.) Brother & I have the best memories of Summer fun & that includes many lunches there. It's really cool that my boys get to eat there now.

Both boys love to go up to the Air Zone building. Jax loves to, "go work at my shop" when he visits my parents. That day, when Mom took them to visit Mitz, she drove around the corner & John saw the AZ sign on the building he said, "Yaayyyy!" He knows the sign! lol

Those are some highlights of last month.

We've just started February & both boys have had a little bug already, but they're already getting better & we're glad to get that out of the way. 

Some things to look forward to:
-We're doing a no-spend February just for fun. :) We were inspired by friends here & are excited to take this challenge. We have $125 a week to spend on anything we need: groceries, gas, diapers...necessities only! We have some ambitious financial goals for this year & a no-spend month will put us ahead!
-The Great Valentine might bring a goodie or two for fun! (All VDay shopping was completed in January. Dustie, I mean no one ;) is getting away with not giving a gift. Ha!)
-I can't wait to share the Lord's blessings & how He reveals Himself to us this February!

Love y'all, friends!

Fifteen Fun Facts

Just having fun & wanted to start a tag b/c I love these things. (This is what happens when I'm up all night with a sick child!)

Here are 15 fun facts about me:

1. My first name is Jennilyn. I hated it as a kid & made everyone call me Jenni. Only my childhood friends & family call me Jennilyn. I actually love & appreciate it now & sadly, rarely hear it.
2. I'm 1/2 Filipina. (Although D will call me every other Asian heritage. Think Hank Hill's, "Are yew Chinese or Japanese???")
3. I slept with a stuffed animal until I got married. (Yes, in college too.)
4. My degree is in Journalism w/ a minor in business. My plan was to do PR for a company.
5. I'm a scaredy-cat. I'll run & jump on the bed so whatever's under it won't grab my feet. I make D take me to the restroom in strange places...& sometimes at home. lol
6. I get more embarrassed for others when they're embarrassed (or should be) than I do for myself.
7. I'm not so graceful. I fall often. So often that my Mom says I bounce b/c I can get up so fast (trying to play it off haha!).
8. I'm really fascinated with how people think. I love to read biographies of famous/infamous people. It can be anything from a celebrity to a serial killer. I'm curious about what makes people tick.
9. One of my dreams is to be a cartoon voice. The ultimate would be to be the voice of a Disney Princess.
10. A huge pet peeve of mine is people not taking responsibility for their actions.
11. I choose to think positively.
12. In regards to #11-I can't stand when people assume my good/positive attitude means I'm naive, dumb, or haven't experienced anything bad. Everyone goes through ups & downs, whether we respond positively or negatively is a choice.
13. I'm a planner & love to make lists.
14. "Gifts" is one of my love languages. Getting them is fun, but I LOVE planning, making, & giving them the most!
15. I'm a product junkie. I love shopping for the latest things & trying them out!

Ok, so those are some really useless things about me! Now, for the fun part! If you've read this, I "TAG" you to do this too! I LOVE learning this kind of stuff about others!

Comment below, or in your own blog, or on your social media page: 15 Fun Facts about yourself. (If 15 is too many, try to at least do 5!) 

Tag me in your post when you do it, so I can read yours! Can't wait!