Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!!!

What a fun evening! After mine & the boys' super-quick visit to see the Grands, (3-turned-4-day trip from home...2 of those days were traveling days) I didn't have any ambition to take the boys Trick-or-Treating. I drove through some crazy rain/wind storms on the way home, so I was drained. But when my Man got home all excited to take his boys out, his excitement was contagious! & I'm so glad.

We loaded the fellas up in the wagon & decided to just stay in our little subdivision.

No, these are not their official 2013 Halloween costumes (those were Captain Hook & the Crocodile). They have a bunch of costumes b/c dressing up is an everyday thing for us (& Mimi really loves to give costumes as gifts). Halloween, Shmalloween! This is just another day for the Dunn boys...except for the candy part!

John wore a dinosaur costume (a hand-me-down from Jax). True to Dunn boy history, John did NOT want to wear the head.

We got to meet a few more neighbors & met some others that go to our church, as well as live in our subdivision.

Jax took his job of saying, "Trick-or-Treat!" very seriously. :) John participated a little, but his ambition was to eat his candy/goody as we went from house to house.

We went down the two circles & made it back to the house next door to our house when it started POURING. Part of the storm we drove through earlier made it's way to Petal! We RAN to our house & had to de-costume in the laundry room. We were all soaked. 
The night was fun, hilarious, & full of great memories!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We've been busy making fun treats for our home as well as treats to share with others! Pinterest has been my best friend!

These are small goodies Jax & I put together for his Sunday School friends. It included: some Crayola Monster crayons, muddy buddy Chex Mix, a rice crispy treat, a Tootsie Pop, & one of the rocks Jax & John painted to look like a monster. All the bag stuff was inspired by the cute monster bags I found at Target, as well as Jax's favorite treats.

We made Bugs N Kisses for Jax & John's Sunday School teachers. Who doesn't love a Hershey Kiss?! This was a Pinterest idea.

The Twix or Treat goodies are a Pinterest idea as well. We gave these to the PHBC staff. We're so thankful for them!!

This was a gift for my neighbors who helped me so much when Mammaw fell when she was at my house. The Lord placed them there, outside at that moment, to help me. I am so thankful! This was a glass pumpkin from Walmart filled with Caramel Apple Pops & Reeses Peanut Butter Cup minis. This was my own concoction inspired by some of my favorite Fall things.

This canvas was inspired by Pinterest, but I put my own twist on it. The big pumpkin is a booty print of John's & the small pumpkins are Jax's thumb prints. This project was especially fun (& funny) to make!

Finally, another fun Pinterest idea. I'm so excited to have the boys' footprints on this platter that we can pull out again & again over the years.

If you want more info on these projects, just email me ( or follow me on Pinterest. These should all be on either my Halloween or Fall Board. I will also be posting them to my Completed Pins Board.

Fall kicks off the holiday season & we LOVE getting to make lots of fun things!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Fun!!

We've been partaking in lots of fun Fall things!

The Great Pumpkin came while the boys were in Shreveport with my parents, so they had some fun Fall goodies waiting on them when they got home. (TGP mostly gets items they need for the season...jackets/hoodies, new shoes, warm pants, as well as a couple of non-essentials like their favorite candy, a movie, or a stuffed dachshund toy (Hot Dog Ruby) that a certain little brother kept stealing from a certain big brother causing many shrieking matches. Meet Hot Dog Ruby II! :)

TGP brought both boys books from this book collection that my friend Courtney introduced to me. They have most all of the fairy tales & they are illustrated cuter than any I've ever seen! Jax got The Three Billy Goats Gruff & John got Hansel & Gretel. This kept Daddy busy for quite a while!

The boys & I made cupcakes & decorated them. Then we took a few of them & some other goodies to our neighbor's house to "Boo" them! We really enjoyed that sneaky mission!!

The little fellas had a great time tailgating the other night. It was a really fun, cold night for some football. The way it should be! 

Having fun in Mom & Dad's room one night. 

The boys & I took a super-quick trip to see family while D was at the MS Baptist Convention. They had a fun time with the GranDunns & cousins!

We stopped by the Pumpkin Patch to take a couple of pics...thank goodness it wasn't to buy pumpkins b/c they were OUT! The boys did get a couple of "baby" pumpkins & had fun with the hay.

One meal when we were all having barbecue, Jax requested rice & shrimp with chopsticks. Since he was at Mimi's house guess what he had? Mmmhmm...

Hope you all are enjoying Fall this much!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tonight was the big night of Trunk-R-Treat at our church. Of course, all of these pics are through my Mom goggles & of two little boys. 

While this event may look like a Fall Carnival, it's really a full-on missions event that our church uses to reach unchurched families & lost souls for Jesus. HUNDREDS of Bibles (in two languages) were handed out & the gospel was shared with countless people. We are claiming that God's Word never returns void & we are praying to do everything in our power to fulfill the Great Commission.

Now, let me open my "wallet."

The boys this morning before church. Jax talked about Trunk-R-Treat all day. :)

The (forced) pictures right as we arrived.

Waiting for the fun to begin! (John had no intention of putting down that bottle!)

Fishing for goodies!

The crocodile head comes off & a sucker goes in our mouth & we become much more pleasant! (Sucker #1)

Walking the plank!

(Sucker #3)

We had a great evening!