Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jeb is One!

My baby boy turned one on February 10th!

Mister Jeb has been a grand adventure from the start! He loves to smile, laugh, run, eat, & boss his brothers around. He's super tough (he didn't have a choice!). & he's proving to be quite an adventurous boy!

Jeb has been the easiest baby in that he loves his schedule/routine! If we keep his routine, he naps & eats like clock-work & he sleeps all night long.

I am so thankful for this little joy. He was the perfect addition to our family!

This ^ pretty much shows how I feel about him turning one.

We wanted to keep things simple after all of our Christmas festivities, so we decided to have a family party (as in, the 5 Dunns & the 3 Grundys).

Jeb had a little Lumberjack themed party!

So thankful for this little Precious!!

Happily Ever After Party

A few weeks after Chris & Sam's wedding, we gave them a fun reception so that friends & family could celebrate with them.
(My parents are kind of experts on the elopement game.)
I came home with John & Jeb. (Jax & D had their basketball finals & D's the coach so they couldn't miss!) It turned out that my best friend Courtney was home for the weekend too!
She & her mom came over to play with me & my mom. (Our goal was to decorate a groom's cake.)

We had way too much fun.

& created chocolate carvings. Haha!

The day of the party we stopped by Granny & Grandad's to get some lovin. I'm so glad we did.

A few hours later, we were ready to party!

Samantha made a precious slide show.

Everything was decorated so beautifully.

There was lots of good food, but I took a picture of the dessert table. 😂

This is the yummy cake we worked so hard on.

Then we got to hang out & enjoy everyone's company. 
The party was so fun & we are so excited for the sweet couple we were celebrating!