Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Version of March Madness!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from March!

Dinosaurs. All day every day!

Sweet play time.

D was asked to speak & teach at the Gideon Convention again this year. We love the #hotellife so the boys & I joined him. We talked my parents into meeting us there to play!

The Women's Ministry had a super fun Paint Party.

John had Pajama Day at school.

Jax's love for reading continues to grow.

Grandad, who has battled cancer for as long as I've known him, went to be with his Savior. We had a sweet time with family reflecting on his life.


Poor men. Mommy loves pictures!!

Here's a look at our car bag. This is how we survive road trips & even carline.

We had lots of fun family dates!

Jeb is quite a boss. 😳

We were super pumped for Spring!

Jeb was really excited to see EB!

I love packing lunches! 

We enjoyed beautiful weather!

John had a fun Easter Egg Hunt.

Sweet Baby Beaux snuggles!

Sunday's are so busy for us. Easter Sunday is like the big Super Bowl event for ministers & their families. 
Because of that, we did our big Easter "photo shoot" the Saturday before Easter. (I'm so glad we did b/c it started raining after church, D got home a good bit later than we did, there was no way I could keep my boys from stripping down, & then I was super busy getting lunch ready.)

My guys were pretty good sports! 

I made D pose like this. Haha!! He hates this so much. But I love it!

Basket fun!

& just like that...we're already in our comfy clothes!! 

We LOVE when our family comes to visit!

One of the nights my fam was in town, they let me & D have a date night!! 

More family fun!

& finally, March was made up of lots of nights of baseball!

I'm so thankful for our "March Madness"!!