Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disney Live!

Whenever any Disney production comes near to town, we make sure to go. Jax's very bff is Mickey Mouse & Dustie & I are really just big kids. We LOVE Disney!  This weekend we went to see Disney Live Fairytales & it was great! Jax loved getting to see Mickey & the gang. He didn't know any of the fairy tales (shame on me), but he still watched. There were a few parts with Snow White's Queen that were probably too scary for a 2 year-old, but Jax just snuggled close. Overall, it was another wonderful Disney experience!  I need a new camera very badly. My close-up pics were ok, but very few of my stage pics were useable. :(

A great start to the day...MICKEY MOUSE PANCAKES!

Jax was conked out when we got there, but he woke up quickly & excitedly.

The first fairy tale: Snow White!

We actually brought the whole Cordero Clan!

Jax's light-up sword kept him quite entertained!

Beauty & the Beast! One of my top 2 faves! I was so happy! :)

We just LOVE Mickey & Minnie!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Infinity...AND BEYOND!

Just getting ready from some super fun Halloween adventures! 
Sometimes you just gotta dress up!

I'm super excited that Jax actually wants to wear his costume this year! 
Lots of fun Fall posts to follow!