Monday, May 23, 2011

What the Dunns have been doing for fun lately

We Dunns have been busy doing LOTS of fun things lately. It is the end of the school year, so that means we're busy with lots of fun end of school activities like their fun water day Thursday and the end of the year ceremony next Tuesday. It's hard to believe Jax has completed his first year of Mother's Day Out. When I go back and look through his pictures from MDO this year, it blows my mind how much he has grown, changed and learned! I am so proud of our church's MDO Program.

Jax is bringing some name lollies for Thursday's fun day.

Each kid in his class has a personalized one.

We hope they love them! (Jax sure did, he tried to keep his already!)
I can't remember what blog I found this idea on... If I find it, I will let you all know.

This is the gift tag for Jax's end of the year gift to his classmates.
He's giving them a shovel to play with in the sand this summer!

I found these in the Target dollar section for $2.50.
A steal considering they're precious on their own! All I did was add a ribbon and tag.

Jax approves of this item as well, he snatched one and ran off with it.

And finally, the event that has us the most busy...

Jax's birthday! Come one, come all to Jax's 2nd Birthday Barnyard Bash!
Fun times!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Sunday!

Ok, final Easter post! We stayed in town this Easter Sunday & had a leisurely day with the family! After church that morning, we had lunch with my family at Mammaw's house, & Jax went on his baziolionth Easter egg hunt of the season!

Goodies for our Peeps

One day I'll catch up to the present! The following pics show some goodies Jax gave to some of our favorite PEEPS!

Fun, filled flower pots for Jax's Sunday School teachers!

Peeps for all the nursery ladies.

Jax's card: "He is risen! All of God's PEEPS say AMEN!"

Gifts for Sunday School friends:

Egg-shaped chalk, a quacker-bill whistle, stickers & suckers!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bunny!

The Bunny dropped off some super fun goodies to Mr. Jaxon Davis Dunn! (Mostly books and pens and small toy items, but he was most excited about tickets to Disney on Ice!!!)