Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know

So I've seen these on a few blogs I follow & I thought it would be fun to do. These are 10 things you may not know about me.

1. Although it probably doesn't show through in my blogging. I'm an editing FREAK. I edit anything I can get my hands on! Especially things on paper. Whether it's spelling, design, grammar...whatever, I am so annoying about editing everything.

2. I'm OCD about really random Jax's diaper bag is organized, closet organization (Clothes organized into color schemes, then further organized into groups depending on what type of clothing item it is...D's closet was once it makes me VERY sad. J's closet makes me very happy, then again, he's not old enough to mess it up yet.) You would think this would mean my house is very clean. It doesn't.

3. I LOVE for my family's outfits to coordinate. (Same color scheme...etc.) This must happen every Sunday for church...yes, I'm just that cool.

4. I cannot, for the life of me, stay awake on airplanes. There's something about the motion of taking off that just sucks me into dreamland. From that point on, I'm gone.

5. I'm a planner. I love lists & use them for everything. I have Jax's first 5 birthdays planned basically.

6. I love to sing & even lead in worship, but I do not enjoy singing solos. I'd much rather sing with one or more people.

7. If I do sing a solo, I'd rather sing to a large (even huge) group than to a small group of people.

8. I see life in cartoon.

9. I really want a pink Vespa with a matching pink helmet, but my husband says I'll hurt myself b/c I'm not very graceful (aka-klutz!).

10. I LOVE to give gifts! Everything about the whole process: dreaming up the perfect gift for the person, shopping for it, making it cute (wrapping/presentation)... It makes me really happy!


  1. These are fun! You would SO hate to see my closet. It would make you crazy!

  2. too funny - love the blog thing - am often tempted to start one up but i just don't think i'd be good at keeping it up - love the whole outfits coordinate thing - not nearly that organized, but kiddos did coordinate for their Easter bunny pic with teresa - does that count? haha

  3. haha Angela

    Beth-You should start a blog! I'm not good at keeping it up, but I still have one! I LOVE you're super cute coordinating kids-yes, that totally counts!