Wednesday, October 12, 2016

June is for Partying!!

June was chock-FULL of fun & excitement! 

Grab a snack if you're getting ready to check out this blog post & have some fun with the Dunns!

I love seeing all the fun things the boys come up with. Here, John made a home for Jeb.

We always have lots of fun in Daddy's office before Wednesday night church!
(Daddy LOVES it!)

The boys took swimming lessons at the beginning of summer.

This is how I survive busy weeks. Planning! 
These are the outfits (shh...don't tell Dustie I called them "outfits" the boys will wear the week of VBS. Also, people usually ask me about the boys' clothes as if it's hard work to find matching clothes for them. Their matching clothes make my life SO much easier! I just buy their 3 sizes at the same stores. (Carters, TJ Maxx, Ralph Lauren) Then, when I need to pick out clothes for the boys to wear, I pick out ONE outfit instead of three. It's really so much easier.
I say all that to say, these matching days are numbered. Jax is pretty much over matching (I get it, I don't blame him,  I knew the day would come.) But I told him that he has to wait until he outgrows this size because that's all he owns! ha!

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday visit from some sweet friends!

VBS Day 1 - The boys are ready to be SUBMERGED!

We are always so blessed with the greatest teachers!

Submarine Parking!
We had a wonderful week at PHBC VBS!

Because we're crazy (& because of our crazy life schedule) we had Jax's birthday party Thursday night during the week of VBS. He wanted an arcade-themed party.

What an exciting adventure!
Check out a snippet of the adventure:

Cupcakes with cookies on top!

Even the birthday song was an adventure:
Here's a view of Jax during the song:

What a fantastic turn-out to celebrate our Jaxy!

These precious ladies below are the answer to many prayers prayed over Jax by, not only me, but also friends & family. We have been gifted with women who have invested in Jax's life to help him in developing intellectually, developing his character, & (just from their overflow) developing spiritually.
It meant SO much to us that they took the time to come celebrate Jax's birthday with us.

Ms. Wanda was Jax's preschool teacher. We love that Ms. Wanda is part of our faith family at church & we get to see her all the time. She continues to motivate Jax & cheer him on. She was Jax's VBS teacher for VBS. Jax LOVED IT. Ms. Wanda spent all week with kids & then chose to give up a night to do it some more. We just love her so much!! 

Mrs. Robinson was Jax's kindergarten teacher. She won our hearts over on the first day. Jax walked in (pretty nervous, but tried to hide it). She whispered to him, "Are you a little nervous?" He said, "Yes." She said, "Don't worry. I'm a little nervous too." (Cue this Momma's ugly-cry!)
What a wonderful school year it has been! Mrs. R was a fantastic kindergarten teacher!! She took the time to know my kid & how he learns, how his mind works, & to know him personally. 
I could go on & on, but I think it speaks well for her that she gave up a night of her summer break to celebrate her former student. We love Mrs. Robinson!!

Finally, we just HAD to have Ms. Myers come to the party! Ms. Myers (I wish I could spell the silly way Jax started saying her name. M'Myers?) was the TA in Jax's class. From early in the school year, Jax found a super sweet bond with Ms. Myers. They have similar joyful, sweet personalities. He really thinks of her as one of his best friends. :)
She also took the time out of her summer break to celebrate with us. We love Ms. Myers!!

Thank the Lord for friends who love you enough to help you with your kids' parties!
Deanna (& Nita) not pictured are always such amazing support at my kids' things- photographers, cake servers, husher-uppers, wranglers, organizers, I could go on & on! So thankful!

& yes, Deanna's daughter, Emma, hit the jackpot on one of the games! So fun!!

Yay for Jax's birthday!

Oh no, don't even try to think the celebrating was over!
We still had to have Jax's family party on his actual birthday.
Jax chose dinner & a movie at the house. (That is so Jax's personality to want to stay home.)

He requested chocolate cake with strawberries on top.
He always wants homemade, dreamed-up creations for his cake.

& finally, the traditional donut-cake Sunday School birthday celebration!


Oh friends, the summer partying has only just begun!

The following week, Jax & John went to stay with Pops & Belle Belle at Camp GranDunn!
They went for some fun family time & to go to VBS with their cousins.
I sent a note for them each day.

The notes were tucked away in the bag with their outfit for that day.
When I got their bags back, the notes were still in their outfit bags, untouched.
haha! Oh, to be a boy-mom...

The boys had the best time with their cousins!

Granny & Aunt Beth came by for a visit one day!

The boys had the greatest time!
So thankful for our precious family!!

The Women's Ministry had a fun game night.

We collected games for the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

We had another fun visit from sweet friends.

We had a fun Father's Day!

D never really wants anything, nor does he buy anything for himself, nor does he ever shop, so we got him a few (much needed) clothing items!

Fun socks make me happy! Yay for shark socks for Shark Week!

Dustie & his mini-mes on Father's Day!

Lil Jebber is such a Daddy's Boy.

We had dinner at Cracker Barrel for Father's Day.

Pacely and I started a Summer Bible Study!

I love my P Diddy!

John started wearing patches for a couple of hours a day to strengthen his right eye.

Time to celebrate John's birthday!

One of his interests/obsessions is golf, so he wanted a golf party.
We decided to party at the new indoor mini golf place.

Sweet JohnJohn!

We had a great time celebrating John!

& celebrating John some more!
John chose to go to a movie at the theater for his birthday 
& then do the rest of the celebrating at home.

Their birthday choices fit their personalities perfectly.
Jax loves to stay at home, often keeps to himself, & he chose to watch a movie at home.
John loves to go, go, GO! I always say he has his "go-pants" on.
His celebration definitely involved going out somewhere!

Later that day we had dinner & cake & presents at the house.

John wanted chicken nuggets & mashed potatoes for his birthday dinner.
A big part of his special dinner request was to eat his mashed potatoes with the beater. :)

John wanted ice cream cake for his cake & dinosaur cookies.

John got a few presents that were shipped from the grandparents.
He got a couple of small things from his brothers.
Here, he got a big bag of gourmet gummy bears. He was in heaven.

John's gift from me & D was to go to Jurassic Quest.
John loves all things dinosaurs - especially blue stegosauruses! 
When we found that this fun event was coming nearby, 
we knew it would be the perfect birthday gift for John.

We love our sweet 4 year old boy!!

& finally, John took a donut cake to his Sunday School class!

Jax missed his friend, Kaylee's, birthday party because he had his baseball tournament that day, so we planned a fun playdate for them & their little siblings.

Poor guys always have to run errands with their Momma.
Also, Jeb insisted he wear his bear slippers this day. Haha!
I just pick my battles...

A Jebber super happy to be eating a dinosaur cookie.

& our final party for June...SHARK WEEK

Shark Week was much earlier than usual, we almost weren't prepared to party.

We are thankful for our life & are crazy blessed to have the greatest people to spend it with.

We hope you find something to celebrate every day!