Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful Day 5- Jax

[Today Jax is thankful for: nunchucks]

Today I am thankful for my Jaxy Dave!! 

It's so neat to see the way in which God places different attributes of a Mommy & a Daddy into their children. Jax is such a fun combination of me & D! He's creative, adventurous, smart, imaginative, curious, sweet, compassionate, an interesting balance of introvert & extrovert, & he goes 90-to-nothing 6.9 days a week. (We get him to nap "accidentally" about once a week.)

As our first child, Jax opened my & D's eyes up to a wonderful world of fun, responsibility, being amazed at God's creative hand, & he gave us a better understanding of the Father's sacrificing His own Son as well as His love for us as His children.

Fun Facts About Jax:
-He's rarely "Jax." He's a new character by the hour!
-He loves a villain. (Goliath was his favorite Bible character...yeah, we're working on him... ;))
-He's a Daddy's boy! It's evened out more over the years, but as a baby-he was definitely Dustie's baby! 
-He loves his little brother "Baby/Baby John" so much. He's much more protective of him than D & I.
-A sword & cape are his everyday wardrobe essentials. (& most days those are his ONLY requirements!) ;)

Thank You God for SuperJax.

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