Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jax & John's Spring Essentials

Here are a few things the boys love in the Springtime.

Poor little guys have allergy issues too. Children's Claritin has been getting Jax through this season.

Mosquitoes LOVE me & the boys, so we almost always have to wear a repellant. D says it's because we have ethnic blood & it must taste like teriyaki sauce. CrazyHubs

For the bites we miss-we use Corizone cream to keep the itching to a minimum.

Ok, promise I'm not advertising for the drugstores! We just use a lot of products!
We are outside much more in the warmer months, so we definitely need sunscreen.

A simple longsleeve tee helps to get the boys through the cold mornings until it warms up for the day. Layers are important. Plus, it extends their wardrobe & makes most short sleeve shirts wearable in the colder months.

It's not the most stylish accessory, but it surely wins for most comfortable, easy to slip-on, & easy to clean up. The boys love some crocs.

I found a similar shoe at Gap. It's made of the same type of material & I think it looks a little better. (Now, if I could just get the boys to wear them!)

The next "must" is a good drink. My boys love some water, sweet tea, lemonade (especially Chick-Fil-A's), & orange juice. Our family loves to drink-especially when we work up a thirst from playing outside!

The boys love to go places & stay busy! I love that they are so good about going wherever I go. We love turning the most boring errands into exciting adventures!

Finally, their biggest Spring Essential is each other. I love how they play together, love each other, & truly are best friends.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Essentials!

These Spring Essentials are a wee bit late, but it hasn't consistently felt like Spring until recently.

The following things are some things I need, or want, for the Springtime.

Fall & Spring are my favorite seasons! Sadly, my first essential is a good allergy medicine. I don't typically like to take medicine, but I have needed it for survival for my first Spring in Mississippi.

Another product I enjoy is a good sunless tanner. This Jergens brand provides a slight tan without the smell of a stinky sunless tanner.

I have yet to use a sunless tanner on my face (although, I've researched it quite a bit). I like to lightly use bronzer on my face until I get a little sun.

I love a good highlighter! I use Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Bronze year-round, but I especially like to use it in the sunny months. 

In the Spring, I LOVE to take a small vacation. I love to beat the crazy vacation season. This year, my favorite Hubs is taking me on a cruise to Cozumel & Progresso. Yes, please!!! ;)

Another Spring necessity (let's face it, it's an all-season necessity) is a light cardigan. Early Spring days can start in the 50s & end in the hight 70s, so layers are essential!

Next, I love a good flip flop & a sandal!

Pretty feet/toenails are vital for warm weather months.

I love color all the time, but especially in the warm weather months. As always, Essie has come out with some really great summer shades!!

& right along with my love of color, I very much enjoy wearing colorful accessories to add that pop of color to any outfit. Here are some of my faves: the large green ones are from Stella & Dot, the yellow ones are from Kendra Scott, & all the square studs are from Kate Spade. I want many colors in the Kate Spade studs (hint, hint, husband & children!). :)

What things do you all need for Spring Survival???

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dustie's Friday Faves

I'm excited for the long awaited "Friday Faves" post from Dustie.

This will be one of very few (if not the only) Friday Faves from D. Not because he doesn't like stuff, but because he's not a "things" person. (He's not a product junkie like I.) He doesn't fall into trends. He just likes what he likes. When he finds something he likes, he sticks with it. He's pretty constant & steady in his ways. His steadiness is the perfect balance to my craziness.

His first fave is: Movies. Dustie Dunn loves to watch a movie. His favorite way is at the theater, but he also enjoys renting one & watching in our home.

The next fave kinda goes with the first. One of D's favorite snacks is popcorn. Especially the yummy popcorn at the theater.

To go along with the movie/snack theme. D's drink of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper.

D's favorite clothes to wear are Ralph Lauren Polos & Casual Sport Shirts.

D is crazy for all things Apple. His latest "toy" is AppleTV. Our whole family is enjoying it!

D's favorite body wash/deodorant is Old Spice Pure Sport. He's used it for over 10 years. It's just good stuff & smells really good.

The next favorite of Dustie's is books. But not just any books. Old books- especially really early edition books from great theologians. Some authors/books that he just can't pass up are: Charles Spurgeon, Adrian Rodgers, W.A. Criswell... 
Books are taking over D's office, our home, our lives, but I don't mind because he actually uses them daily. They enrich his sermons, his teaching, & just our everyday conversations. 
We'll just have to get a home with a library one day!

The next favorite of D's is that he loves a lot of Sci Fi. A few years after we got married I told him that he hid his "Sci Fi nerdness" from me when we dated. I had no idea!

Finally, as much as it pains me to put on my blog...the Dallas Cowboys are definitely a favorite of the Hubs. He is a fan born & bred.

This was fun! I'll try to get him to scrounge up a few more faves or something for another Hubs Blog Post!

What are y'all loving lately??

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Boys' Spring Pictures

Jesus is Alive!!

This morning we baked our Resurrection Rolls.

& guess what!

When we cut into it, the roll was empty & the marshmallow was gone! In the same way, years ago on Easter, they found the tomb that Jesus was in was empty too!

Thank you, precious Savior!!

We had a wonderful day at church! SS was so good. We talked about Peter & how we could all see ourselves in him. & all morning, we were made to look at the cross & the crucifixion. It's something really hard & really emotional for me to think about. To think that Jesus would die that horrible death even if it was for me alone. It kills me that my sin put Him there. The love He has for me amazes me.

The sermon that followed kind of picked up from there. PreacherHubs mentioned Mary Magdalene (the first to see Jesus after the resurrection) & he said that those who have been forgiven of much have much to be grateful for. We spent all day celebrating Jesus' sacrifice & that He overcame the grave. HALLELUJAH! This is everything to me.

John striking a model pose. Haha!

Hunting eggs!

Jax found a golden egg! (There were two :))

Happy Easter, precious friends! The Dunns love you!