Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jax & John's Spring Essentials

Here are a few things the boys love in the Springtime.

Poor little guys have allergy issues too. Children's Claritin has been getting Jax through this season.

Mosquitoes LOVE me & the boys, so we almost always have to wear a repellant. D says it's because we have ethnic blood & it must taste like teriyaki sauce. CrazyHubs

For the bites we miss-we use Corizone cream to keep the itching to a minimum.

Ok, promise I'm not advertising for the drugstores! We just use a lot of products!
We are outside much more in the warmer months, so we definitely need sunscreen.

A simple longsleeve tee helps to get the boys through the cold mornings until it warms up for the day. Layers are important. Plus, it extends their wardrobe & makes most short sleeve shirts wearable in the colder months.

It's not the most stylish accessory, but it surely wins for most comfortable, easy to slip-on, & easy to clean up. The boys love some crocs.

I found a similar shoe at Gap. It's made of the same type of material & I think it looks a little better. (Now, if I could just get the boys to wear them!)

The next "must" is a good drink. My boys love some water, sweet tea, lemonade (especially Chick-Fil-A's), & orange juice. Our family loves to drink-especially when we work up a thirst from playing outside!

The boys love to go places & stay busy! I love that they are so good about going wherever I go. We love turning the most boring errands into exciting adventures!

Finally, their biggest Spring Essential is each other. I love how they play together, love each other, & truly are best friends.

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