Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Catch-up!!

I've been really wordy lately, so I've gotten behind on posting pics from our day-to-day fun.

This post is basically a picture-dump of what we've been doing for the past month or so.

It's starting to get warmer (most days), so we get to make Icee runs every now & then!

Way too much fun in the Lowes parking lot.

Fun times with church friends! John & Lori bonded.

A little Mardi Gras fun!

Indoor bike riding on those cold days.

Target fun!

John has learned how to put his fingers in his ears. (Here, he chose to while I was practicing my Easter music.)

John's trying to change up his nap time (or skip it altogether) & I'm just not ready for that! So I'm having to be creative for nap time!

A few weeks ago Granny, Grandad, Carol, Beth, Molly, & Maci finally got to come visit! 
(Pops/D's Dad & Jessie came to visit the week before, but I have no proof b/c they hate pictures! :( D's the same way. If it were up to him, we'd have no pictures.)

My parents took the boys for some adventures while Mom was out for Spring Break. They went to Gators & Friends, Legoland, Rainforest Cafe, & more!

Shopping at the Boardwalk.

While the boys were away, the Hubs & I played! Lots of dates & outings & riding around in a church member's car.

When the parents brought the boys back, they spent Saturday putting their playset together. The boys have enjoyed it so much this week!

& these are a couple of our adventures we've been on recently!

Gotta go on some more fun adventures now!!

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