Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Dunn Fun!!

Here are some fun things we've been doing lately!

We went to see ole EB & got our picture taken. Thoughts on EB: We're not "for" or "against" the Easter Bunny. The kids know that it's just a guy dressed in a costume & their crazy Momma wants them to have their picture with him. The boys will get baskets of goodies on Sunday. They may get a toy or a small bit of candy, but I mostly use it as a time to give them Spring & Summer necessities that they would need anyway (don't tell them!). (A bathing suit, a new toothbrush, clothes...) 
As far as Easter goes-we spend 365 days a year talking to our kids about Jesus. Jax knows Who & what we celebrate, focus on, & are thankful for at Easter & John will if he doesn't already.

Like most holidays, we like to use this time as an excuse to show some love.

The makings of Bunny Bait!! (White chocolate covered popcorn with lots of fun toppings! We used pretzels, sprinkles, & M&Ms.)

The cutest sprinkles ever!! I've put them on everything that would sit still!

Bunny Bait for the boys to give their SS teachers. We are so thankful for them!

Gummi Bunnies for John's SS friends. He's tried to sneak some a few times!

Fun shutter shades & Eggums (egg-shaped bubble gum in a mini egg carton) for Jax's SS friends! (Have I told y'all I love the Dollar Spot at Target?!)

My family is in town for Easter, so Jax & I made some treats for them today.

Funfetti cupcakes.

(Paula Deen's) Carrot Cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Mammaw reading some Easter books to the boys. 
Let me take a moment to celebrate Mammaw's first trip & visit to my house since her awful fall/breaking her back months ago. Thanks to all who have prayed for her! (Especially my wonderful SS friends. Her name has been on the list week after week.) Praise God for answered prayer! Thank You, Precious Father!

Hope all you friends are having fun everyday.

Love y'all.

Sunday's coming!!!!

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