Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Facebook Repost, A Little Catch-up, & A Little News

I posted this to Facebook on February 11th. The day after I posted this: After the Fast. I have referred back to it several times since Feb. 11th. I thought I posted it on my blog, but I only had it on FB, so I'm posting it on here, if not for anything else-for me to have to go and re-read over & over again.

"I'm not surprised, but today's Bible Study goes along with what God has been showing me. I loved it so much, I had to share:
Satan is a liar. But sometimes worse than that, he's a deceiver. While a lie is an outright untruth, deception is much more sneaky. In order to deceive us, he will use things that are true, so it's easy to be deceived. Michael Wells says, "Satan will tell us what's true, but he never tells us the truth."
That's why it's so important for us to know the Bible. "When we stray from God's original words to us, it becomes amazingly easy to get caught up in deception and counterfeit options. I have heard that people who need to recognize counterfeit money train by studying the original. Teaching them what a million possible counterfeits look like makes no sense when all they need to know is the real thing." Kelly Minter's No Other Gods
I do not want to be deceived. Let's study & know the Truth."

Isn't that a good reminder?? 

I just want to take a second to do a quick catch-up post on No Other Gods, since I feel like y'all have gone on this journey with me. I finished the Bible Study AGAIN last week, but this time, I really haven't wanted it to end. I found out that Kelly wrote a supplemental book to go with the Bible Study, so I promise, I will be getting that one soon. 

I've been doing another Bible Study while doing No Other Gods. It's named Divine Design & it's about how God purposefully created the sexes. so I have 2 weeks left in that one. It's been really good. Surprisingly good, so I will share about that one when I finish it. I plan to start Beth Moore's James Bible Study also. I've been wanting to dive into that one, so I'm excited!

As far as No Other Gods might want to know if I'm idol-free. For the moment, I can say yes. But I have to say that I have learned that being idol-free will be an ongoing, everyday process for me. I'm so thankful that almost everyday I am reminded through scripture to be careful to make sure God is my priority & that nothing is even in the running for that 1st Place. I can say that is one positive thing about those wishy-washy Israelites who waiver from apostasy to atonement seemingly within hours (or chapters :)). I'm CONSTANTLY reading about them, & I'm constantly seeing myself in them. In addition to God's Word, I will probably be doing No Other Gods every now & then to use as a kind of check-up on my life.

I am in a Women's Ministry planning group for our church. (A new adventure & area of ministry for me!) My friends in the group know how much I LOVE this Bible Study & how it has helped me, & our main lady/organizer asked if I would lead a group in this Bible Study. I'll be honest & tell you that I almost had a heart attack right then & there (while trying to play it cool on the outside, of course.) Like I said, this is a new area of ministry for me. I'm used to teaching 3-5 year old kids, or high school girls, not grown women! Another thing that makes me nervous is how extremely personal this Bible Study is.

I told them I would pray about it. So I did. A couple of days later, I was pretty sure God wanted me to say yes, but before that I told myself I would get the leader guide & go over it to make sure. Well, as I flip to the back of my Bible Study, guess what I found? The Leader Guide! Basically I felt like God was saying-here's everything, no excuses, do it.

So...I'm excited to say that this Summer I will be leading in a Women's Small Group Bible Study of No Other Gods! (details to be determined & provided at a later date) If you're interested, pray about it. NOG is an extremely personal Bible Study. I don't just mean sharing with others, but I mean, that life can get quite uncomfortable. The Holy Spirit uses His Word to lovingly convict & draw you nearer to Him. Your life won't be the same after going through it. & I'm so thankful!! Praise God! While I won't expect everyone to share things they don't want to in this small group setting, I am looking for a group of women that I can do life with. The struggle is real, but it is so much better with the support of friends. Can you see how God has changed my heart & made me so excited!!??

If NOG doesn't sound like something you want to do, this Bible Study will be just one of a few different Bible Studies offered through the Women's Ministry this Summer. Be praying about what God wants to do in your life & be open to whatever He tells you!

My prayers are with you. Love y'all!

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