Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sailing, Take Me Away...

Hubs & I just had the grandest adventure!! We will celebrate our 10th Anniversary later this month, so we went on a cruise to celebrate.

Just wanted to share a few pics of our fun.

Overpackers Annonymous...
This was just my purse. (My "cruise purse" is what I call it to D. It's also how you get a new bag. ;))

Our ship-Carnival Elation. So great. It has a really good staff with the best service. One of my favorite parts is seeing all the different employees & the countries represented from all over the world.

A look down into the lobby. 

A look at some of the floors. We stayed on the level of the lobby-where the staircase ends.

Cruise life is great. It can be as busy, or as relaxing as you make it.
We had two full days at sea. Those days we explored the ship. I think we saw every bit of the ship we were allowed to see, & maybe some that we weren't.

The main pool, jacuzzi, & waterslide. This was the Lido deck.

My favorite spot-laying out on a deck near the edge so I can get some sunshine & see the gorgeous sparkling water. 
(Picture me doing this beside my fair-skinned husband who is COVERED in sunblock, hat over his entire face, & uses the towel to cover up. Ha!)

One of our favorite rooms on the ship was the Library. Shocker. Not only was it full of interesting books (including some in Greek that PreacherHubs drooled over), but there were a bunch of games we could play too! 

Our favorite was Battleship. Pretty apropo. We played almost everyday.

Our first stop was Progresso, Yucatan. We walked around and shopped a bit. Here, this man is making a bracelet for me with the way I spell Jenni on it. They had a ton of "Jennys." He offered to do it right then & since I never find anything with J-E-N-N-I on it, I said, "Yes, please!" 

I told D that I a should've gotten him to do "Jennilyn," but D said we would have been there all day. Haha! (The 5 minutes was really more like 10. Worth iiiittt.)

After that, we went out to a private beach & enjoyed the rest of our time in Progresso on that beach.

Our digs in Progresso. Not too shabby.

The next day, we went to Cozumel. We had been here before on our Honeymoon & we loved it. I was most excited for this stop!

This was my purchase for myself. I've been wanting to start an Alex & Ani collection, but never got around to it, & was honestly a little overwhelmed with picking my "first" bracelet. When I saw this one-it was a no-brainer. Now I'm hooked! :) 
[We also bought prizes for the boys in Cozumel. We missed them like crazy. We got them some color-changing shirts from Del Sol & luchador masks (sorry if I got that super wrong & offended anyone with my Spanish attempt). Jax got a Hulk mask & John got a Batman mask.]

We were so looking forward to eating here again. We ate here 10 years ago on our Honeymoon & just had to come back.

They kind of made a big deal about us coming back 10 years later.

Our waiter took this picture. :) 

Speaking of food. Food on a cruise is ridiculous!! They serve a huge variety of things, we like to take the opportunity to try new things. It's so fun!
One of our favorite things was on the first nigh. We had escargot for an appetizer & we both loved it. Soooo good!
Food pictured above (L-R):
1st row-panini & a salad (delicious, not special, but my first meal); the beginning of D's breakfast tomato soup (he thought it was funny, so he took a pic); & stuffed mushrooms
2nd row: Strawberry Brûlée (Think: creamy yogurts strawberry sauce. SO good); alligator fritters; & sushi
3rd row: French onion soup; baked Alaska; & finally, D's fave-the warm chocolate melting cake

Cruise coffee. There just something magical about it.

Out of all the stuff I packed, I forgot a pain-reliever. I thought the small $12 bottle of Advil needed a "selfie." It thought pretty highly of itself. ;)

On a similar note. I tried to "Hi-Ya!" the sink off the wall in the bathroom with my knee. The bruise is still healing. Then, on the last night, I was photographing our towel animals (you'll see) & hit my head on the spare bed on the way. (Just call me Grace.) $12 Advil came in handy.

Here's a small look into our cabin. 
The closet. HA!! Happy cardigans.

& our towel animal family.
Yes, we asked our Steward to leave them all. Yes, we named them. Yes, we know we're strange. ;)

So thankful for our fun trip!!

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