Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jesus is Alive!!

This morning we baked our Resurrection Rolls.

& guess what!

When we cut into it, the roll was empty & the marshmallow was gone! In the same way, years ago on Easter, they found the tomb that Jesus was in was empty too!

Thank you, precious Savior!!

We had a wonderful day at church! SS was so good. We talked about Peter & how we could all see ourselves in him. & all morning, we were made to look at the cross & the crucifixion. It's something really hard & really emotional for me to think about. To think that Jesus would die that horrible death even if it was for me alone. It kills me that my sin put Him there. The love He has for me amazes me.

The sermon that followed kind of picked up from there. PreacherHubs mentioned Mary Magdalene (the first to see Jesus after the resurrection) & he said that those who have been forgiven of much have much to be grateful for. We spent all day celebrating Jesus' sacrifice & that He overcame the grave. HALLELUJAH! This is everything to me.

John striking a model pose. Haha!

Hunting eggs!

Jax found a golden egg! (There were two :))

Happy Easter, precious friends! The Dunns love you! 

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