Friday, April 4, 2014

Jax & John's Friday Faves

Just for funsies, here are some faves of the boys lately.

Jax's Friday Faves:

Chocolate Milk! All day everyday. ;)

His favorite color since he could talk has been red. He recently added black also. He is quick to specify that the red he likes is dark red (so that it is NEVER confused with pink!). 
I was just informed last week that there will be no more pink. 

So here's a picture of Jax wearing his last pink item for now. Maybe one day he will be "man enough" to wear pink...& girls won't have cooties. But I'll enjoy this stage for now (even though I'll miss the pink clothes).

Jax is a BIG fan of Pizza Lunchables. He would eat them for breakfast, lunch, & dinner if I let him.

He loves all fun weapons...swords, tridents, staffs, maces...ya know, the usual! haha.
Here, he is carrying a hand-carved walking stick that he got at Gators & Friends. He uses it as a staff. Such a boy...

Jax has started telling jokes. (& they're good, pretty funny, & he actually remembers them! He's ahead of his Momma!) Other than telling jokes, he pretty much just loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Above, John is holding his ears (we can list that as a new favorite for John) b/c Jax was just talking non-stop!


John's Friday Faves:

John just loves sweet tea. It's his beverage of choice. (whoops...)

John also loves Mrs. Penny visits. She works for the Center for Families & comes to work with John once a month. She brings us fun learning toys & books to read to help John's development. Petal is an Excel By Five community. (I'll share more on this one day, but I will say that this preschool Mama LOVES it!)

John's first movie to see in the theater was Despicable Me 2. He's adored minions ever since. 

John's latest obsession (& I mean OBSESSION) is Scooby Doo (Dooby Doo). He watches a movie everyday for his down-time/nap time. It has been Despicable Me 2 up until the last couple of weeks. Lately it's Dooby Doo.

Speaking of movies. John is a BIG fan. Since his 1st theater movie, he has been a dream to take to the theater. He's just like his Daddy. He loves everything about the movie experience.


Joint Faves:

Both boys love them some Ninja Turtles. These shirts are so fun. John especially loves wearing it.

Another (random) joint favorite of the boys is Target trips. I mean, they had no choice :) But seriously, what's not to love?! We have a fun time inside from family bathroom trips, goofing off with the products, & getting a yummy snack or drink. & then, both boys' favorite part is the balls lined across the front. They are just way too fun!

Their newest favorite is their playset in the back yard.

They both love everything about CFA. Again, what's not to love?!

And finally, they love family adventures!

Spontaneous brunch dates.

Going to try the Spider-man ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins. Superheroes gotta support other superheroes!

& they love to go on nursing home visits with Daddy. (It's an adventure for all involved! haha)

What things are you enjoying lately??


  1. Too adorable!!! Hugh looked at all of the pictures with me, and he was fascinated that Jax had on a Superman shirt. (Can you tell what our newest obsession is? Although, Hugh still always watches his choo choo trains!)

  2. Aww, I love it!! Don't you just love boys?!