Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's Playshop! (& more)

Today we went to "Dinosaur School." Have I told y'all the story behind "Dinosaur School"? Quick version: "Dinosaur School" is Playshop at our Center for Families. The first one we went to was based on a Dinosaur theme so, to Jax, it's always been known as "Dinosaur School."

Today's theme was: Rabbits.

We had so much fun!!

These little animal lovers were in HEAVEN! John kept squealing b/c he was so excited.

They made bunny noses & whiskers at this station.

Jax wouldn't accept their pink noses, so they pulled out the only other options: a HUGE black nose & an itty bitty little black nose. It was hilarious...& adorable. :)

We love Mrs. Kelly!! Our Preschool Minister also works at the CFFC. She came up & played with John for a while. He felt so special.

There were lots of other stations, & the boys visited most of them, but they kept coming back to the reall bunnies! Can you blame them?!

Jax "digging" for carrots at another station.

John hopping like a bunny.

John tunneling like a bunny. (Jax was back at the real bunny station. :))

Story time. Best Brothers. :)

While they read a book, the adults were hiding eggs for an egg hunt afterwards. The boys loved that!

:) The pictures they made. The ears are fingerprints & the tails are thumb prints.
Love me a cute craft project!!

Later today, we finished filling eggs for a ministry project my Sunday School class is doing. 

We started this last week, but most of the fillers I got were too big for our eggs.

The boys were pros this time. ;)

I love getting the boys involved & teaching them that not everyone has the things that we are accustomed to having. Jax just listens & looks at me with worry & concern for kids who don't have things. May his heart stay soft & his desire to show others love only grow!

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