Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Day 2

Today I am thankful for my very favorite husband! No, really! :) Some wives may think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm really not. Dustie & I were really good friends for years before we dated. All about that here! Cheesy as it may sound; I'm so thankful to really have married my best friend!

Those who are aren't for TMI...stop reading now. & for some will be jealous! :)

My Hubs is most importantly, an amazing leader in our family. I mean that more than one way. He is an incredible spiritual leader. He lives and breathes his faith in every miniscule part of his life...I know this because I live with him! He leads our family in Bible time each night [that includes a Bible story, a song (yes, I'm for real), & a prayer]. Since he's known me forever, he's seen the ups & downs in my spiritual life & knows when I need a little nudge in my own walk with the Lord. He meets with 2 other guys as accountability partners. He has met with them for about a year & y'all, I don't know what they discuss together, but I'm LOVING the accountability group! The second way D is an amazing leader is that he is the true head of our family (aka...he wears the pants). He is so successful at this for 2 reasons. 1) He knows me & knows how to lead me. He leads with a gentle strength so that I don't feel like I'm being forced into anything. I'm always made to feel like it is a good choice to follow him. 2) Because he keeps himself in check spiritually, I can trust his decisions as the leader of our family. He truly seeks to love me as Christ loves the church, so not only do I feel good about submitting to him, I want to! (see Eph. 5:22-33)

The next thing I love about my husband is that we have FUN! We both have pretty goofy personalities & love to laugh & that just gets you far in most things. We can be having the worst time whether it's stress, kids, or any kind of problem & if we can joke or laugh about it, it really makes life easier. From the first day I met Dustie Dunn, he has always joked w/ me & picked on me & I've grown to love it. One example of how our relationship works: we're not overly lovey dovey. We do have a time & place for that, but for the most part, I actually prefer his middle school mentality of picking on me to show me he likes me! My whole life I would crush on a guy for FOREVER & then when he would finally like me, I would totally be over it. I don't know why I'm like that, but I'm thankful I found the perfect guy for me that still gives me the thrill of the chase. He still loves to talk about when I asked him to marry me. HAHA! (If you believe that, PLEASE see the link in the first paragraph of this post. In fact, I will never live this blog post down. I might have to delete it b/c he's gonna think he has proof that I LIKE HIM!)

I really could write a book, so I'll just list off some other characteristics I love about him:
-he gave me my babies
-he is an awesome daddy
-he has a rockin body ;)
-he is slow to anger
-he's hilarious
-he's smart
-he's driven
-he has a great work ethic
-he lets me steal the covers & take up most of the bed :)

I'm thankful God gave me Dustie Dunn!


  1. Yay I figured it out!!!! Now I forgot what I was gonna say lo!;)