Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best for Better

"Lord You mend the breach & You break every fetter. You give us Your best for what we thought was better." Watermark

Since the first time I heard this song (Mended) these lyrics have resonated in my life. I'm sure this isn't even the first time I've mentioned it on my blog. It came to mind this morning as I was thinking about being thankful for Jax & then it came up again as I was doing my new Bible Study on Nehemiah (more on my crazy, exciting Bible study situation later).

I watched a video that goes with the Bible study & it showed an interview of a missionary in the Amazon. She is actually a Brazilian from the Amazon. She went to Bible school in Canada & as she was finishing up, she told the Lord, "Ok, You can send me wherever...India, China...just not the Amazon." Well, guess where God told her to go?! Yup, back home to the Amazon. She tells of how she prayed about it for months, asking Him to change her heart. She tells how she couldn't be happier now serving the Lord & living according to His will, but she also tells how it wasn't easy. She said that obedience can sometimes be painful, but you must do God's will.

I can totally relate to the lady from the interview. Most of the time I can be a "Type A" organizer, planner, borderline OCD. I like to be in control & know what's happening in my life. Too often I tell God that I'll do whatever He wants (even though I have a list of things that are ok & not ok to get me to do). I'd like to think that I would go with God's plan no matter what. I know I would be miserable outside of His will, & God has proven Himself to me over & over again. The great scenarios I can dream up for myself are NOTHING compared to God's plans for my life.

Sometimes obedience isn't easy.
Sometimes it can be painful.
But obedience to the Father is vital.

May I always obey God no matter what.

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