Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Day 16

Today I am thankful for my salvation.

I asked Jesus to come into my heart & be Lord of my life when I was 7. It was on a Monday on the way home from school. The Sunday night before, my Mom took me to a New Kids on the Block concert. When we left the concert, many people were outside the doors passing out tracts. Mom just set the tract down in her car. When I got into Mom's car after school that day, I saw the tract. I had been asking questions about salvation for a few months, so seeing this tract just prompted more questions. I knew at that moment, I wanted Jesus to come into my heart.

I can still see the moment in my head-as if I was watching us in the car from a distance. Mom was crying as she drove down the road & telling me the words to pray.

I'm so thankful for a God I can come to openly & honestly & that I can call on Him.

I really can't imagine my life without the Lord. He is my peace, comfort, decision-maker, best friend...the list never ends.

Thank You Jesus for saving me from myself.

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