Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Day 11

Today I am thankful for the amazing people in my life who have had a huge Godly Influence on me.

I was so very fortunate to grow up surrounded by some of God's giants who continue to have a mighty impact on God's Kingdom!

My Mom-I must start with her. She had me in church from day 1, led me in my prayer asking Jesus to come into my heart & be Lord of my life, she's a prayer warrior & covers my life in prayer, & she has a huge heart for Missions.

My Grandma-has been a great source of wisdom.

My Husband-has been a great Godly influence as a friend, boyfriend, husband, & Pastor.

Bro. Floyd-was my preacher/pastor for almost the first half of my life. He's been a great Godly influencer on my whole family since before I was born!

Bro. Chuck & Mrs. Stef-had a huge Godly impact on my life since I was a Youth & are now amazing Godly influencers with all their ministry wisdom.

Bro. Dick & Mrs. Nancy-play a huge part in my love of worship through music & are also wonderful Godly influencers in the ministry.

Mrs. Suzie & Mrs. Beth-were the rockinest Youth Girl Sunday School teachers ever.

Mrs. Carol Reed-was my prayer partner for years & helped to develop my love for talking with the Father.

My Youth Group-wow, we had incredible God experiences. Because of them, we have a bond that others wouldn't understand. I'm so proud of how many of them have grown into such giants for God.

Amy-my best friend growing up. We experienced lots of fun God-centered times. She kept me grounded & out of trouble. (Mostly! Haha)

Courtney-my best friend who encourages me & pushes me to be my very best for God. Thankful that, no matter what city/state she is in, I know she's my best friend.

Lauren-my childhood friend & roommate. We've been on many trips together, including Trinidad & Tobago. You just share an indescribable bond w/ someone you live with.

Becky-my other friend through living together. We started off as roommates & our bond in Christ gave us a wonderful friendship. Love this girl.

There are many others:
The Foglemans
The Sharbonos
The Erwins
The McAllisters
The Briggs

& some of Dustie's influencers that I also love:
The Heaberlins
The Spinneys
The Graysons

I want to elaborate on everyone, but we'd be here all day. Frankly, I'm surprised that whoever's reading this has gotten this far.

I'm so thankful that there are too many to list! This is NOT all of them. I didn't even try to list our wonderful church people.

Thank you Father for filling our lives with people who draw us to You.

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