Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week in Review

This week was just one of those weeks that was full of fun stuff. We seem to have lots of those weeks coming up.

On Monday night we had a girl's night to dinner & to see the movie Mom's Night Out. It was such a good movie! I want to see it again!
It was abt some Moms going for a night out & all the crazy things that happen at home while they're gone. Little did I know, D was having his own wild night! I left the boys with him. He had planned to take them to watch a baseball game, but he got a call that a church member died, so he had to find someone to watch the boys while he went to be with the family. When he finally got back to pick the boys up, they thought they were still going to a baseball game, so D ended up taking them to some random game at a Petal field. The boys had a great time! It's all they've talked about all week.
Btw-so thankful for sweet friends who help us with the boys at a moments notice!

On Tuesday night the Center for Families had their end of the year party, so we went to that.

Ya know, just rocking our green & blue! (Poor Dustie haha!!)

After the CFFC party, we went to dinner to have pizza & froyo. Fox's Pizza is connected to the frozen yogurt place. You can't have one without the other. (Actually, you can. You can have froyo by itself anytime. You just can't go get pizza w/out getting froyo.)

We let the boys pick their yogurt & toppings. Jax's is on the left, John's is on the right.

Thursday was our 10 Year Anniversary!! Y'all already know all about that :) D took me to Crescent City that night-it's one of our faves. Our precious Moak friends kept the boys for us. They're the best!!

On Friday we ran some errands. We needed groceries & to get a few things to help me get ready for the boys' birthday party.

Some fun Summertime Snackage we got. (Idk about y'all, but I'm nosey & love seeing weird things like what people buy.)

On Friday night we went to dinner with friends. We ate at a cool place named Leatha's. 

To just drive by, I would honestly be nervous to eat there, but this shack has got it going on! It's been featured in Southern Living a few times. We had the ribs & they were delish!

They had a random bunch of pigs on the front porch, so we had to hang out there for a bit.

& ride them...


This morning we drove out to some church friends' lake house where they're having a big Sunday School party. They had a ton of fun things to do.

The waterslide. It was crazy fast. Fun fun.

Cooper & Jax had a fun time.

John's passing out the drinks! (Or trying to sneak a Coke.)

Jax swam a little bit.

& rode on the boat & jet ski. While John fought a nap all afternoon. 

John slept in the car & for a while after we got home...& now he's snoring like a man beside me!

What a really fun week!! 

Thankful for fun things to do & wonderful people to do them with!

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