Monday, May 19, 2014

There's Crickets & Tadpoles, Turtles & Frogs...

Tonight the Preschoolers performed Down by the Creek Bank - the musical they have worked on all year. It was so precious!!
(Jax napped for all of the afternoon, so there was no sleeping this time. :)) 

Pics of the program. I know I'm cheesy. But it's all so cute!

Jax & his friend Hudson had special lines in the song, "Germs." 

Jax's line was, "He often falls asleep when the sermon is too long!" HAHA!! 
D got a chuckle out of that one!

Daddy was so proud of his boy. This makes me happy. :)

Jax with his friend Mason. (His other friend Khloe is hidden, & I'm so sad his teachers' heads got cut off in the picture!) Mason sang the song, "Germs." He did such a great job. I practiced Jax's music with him & "Germs" was a very wordy song even for an adult. Good job Mason!

Jax walking Germs, his invisible dog. :)

We are so proud of our sweet boy & so thankful for all of the Preschool Choir teachers & our super-awesome & favorite Preschool Minister, Mrs. Kelly. We are so blessed!!

You can view the video of the choir singing, "Germs, My Invisible Dog" here. 

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