Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun with the GranDunns & Family

Just want to catch up on some cute pics I have of the kids with D's side of the fam.

These are from the Fall, but I love them.

The boys with Jennifer's (D's sister) kids.

John & Stella. Too cute.

We went to visit a couple of weeks ago after D's Mom had surgery. She seemed to be doing great. The boys had her taking care of THEM!

D & Pops. (He said not to put this pic on FB, so I didn't...he didn't say don't blog it though!) I think they're precious! (& yes, I will get in trouble for calling them "precious")
I don't have as many pics of D's side of the fam b/c they don't like pics & don't let me boss them into taking them. :(

John & PawPaw=BFFs!

Gotta break out the special toys. :)

While we were in town, we got to go to see two of D's cousins graduate. 
At the risk of sounding old, it's crazy to me that these chickadees are old enough to graduate. Just yesterday they were (2 out of 3) our flower girls in our wedding. 
These girls are precious to me. They are so smart, beautiful inside & out, & love & pursue the Lord. We couldn't be prouder.

Here's Kaylee!! She will be attending LSU Baton Rouge in the Fall. She won't be too far from us!

& here's Maci!! She will be attending Louisiana Tech in Ruston in the Fall. That'll be moving a little closer to us also!

Both girls graduated with tons of honors, so they were among the first few to be called to get their diploma. This is what D did after they walked. (HeMan game on his phone)

After graduation we went to spend the night w/ Granny & Grandad. 
I LOVE looking at all the old pics they have up. Of all of the greatness, this is my fave. The family picture D wasn't present for. Haha!!!

The boys got lots of good Grandad wrestling & snuggles!

Granny spoiled us like always & had a yummy dinner & dessert that night & our favorite Christmas Morning breakfast the next morning.
When D & I dated, he talked about breakfast at Granny's like it was a hallowed moment. After getting to participate for more than a decade, I totally get it. No one but your grandparents spoil you like you're still a kid. Few places can make you feel like a kid again. There's no place like Granny's.

Granny & I worked on some yummy chocolate graduation hats for the graduation party. 

The cute dessert table w/ my fave cake!

Our family celebrates pretty much everything at the same fish place. We even had our Engagement Party here. We have our own special room. We love it.

This is the where the boys hang out most of the night.

John was having way too much fun with a balloon.

John giving Aunt Carol some loving.

We headed back home the next day & the balloon was still John's obsession. :)

It was so good to see family!

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