Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Totes Tensies!!! [10 Year Anniversary]

For those who have followed my blog a while have heard me say (read) that I'm not a PDA, mushy gushy "feelings" kind of girl. I'll explain my strangeness as I have before. My whole life, I would like (or have a crush on a guy) for however long, but as soon as he liked me back, it "weirded me out" & scared me off. I even liked long distance relationships so I didn't feel smothered. Dustie was the first guy for me to have a relationship with & it "worked." I jokingly tell him that it worked out with him b/c he didn't like me too much. He jokes back that, "I can keep waiting (for him to like me)." & BAM. That's the perfect example of why we "work". 
While we can joke & have fun like that, in all seriousness, no man has made me feel entirely loved & cherished as Dustie Dunn.
So, while I'm not a mushy gushy girl, I might make you sick while talking about my husband. He has all my heart, respect, & I'm his biggest fan.

Now that the goo is out of the way, I wanna have a little fun.

Today we celebrate 10 years of being married. & 15+ years of being best friends.

10 Funsies:
He's the:
1-Peanut Butter to my Jelly
2-Mickey to my Minnie
3-Ross to my Rachel
4-Superman to my Lois Lane
5-Calm to my Crazy
6-Logic to my Whims
7-Cardigan to my Skirt
8-Shark to my Sharknado
9-Doug to my Carrie
10-Chips on my Sandwich

10 things I Love About D/Us:
1-That we are so different, we are often opposites (but it makes us perfect Trivial Pursuit Partners!)
2-How he's wholeheartedly & morally opposed to things such as selfies, trends, things like people saying, "totes" or "aca-awesome"! (& then I love even more to say or do those things & watch your reaction! haha) *I named the blog post for his joy & personal fulfillment.
3-When we sing the boys' songs to them in a fun, dramatic way & we're impressed with our "mad skillz." & then we laugh at how the boys just have no idea how awesome their parents are. Duh!
4-That he still dates me.
5-That he goes along with my crazy adventures/ideas.
6-That he lets me color coordinate our family. 
7-When he makes me laugh (like all the time).
8-More than #7, when I make him laugh. I feel accomplished.
9-That he loves to constantly incorrectly point out my ethnic differences (calling me Chinese or Japanese, etc).
10-The way I feel safe, secure, & completely loved by you.

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