Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Love Love

If you haven't already figured it out, I love a holiday. I love doing anything that makes a regular day feel special. (We make up lots of special days in our family. It just keeps life exciting. When Jax was potty trained...let's celebrate! John gets a new tooth? Let's celebrate! You get the picture. I can't help it; it's the way I grew up.) 

This post is just a bunch of fun things we did to celebrate the big day of Love!

Here are two of my loves in some super snuggly Valentine pajamas.

Yes, we "trike" & "scoot" in the house. It's been crazy cold outside & I'm trying to keep these boys occupied without getting sick!

Here are some of the boys' Valentine goodies. (Clockwise from top left: some pampering goodies for the boys' Preschool Minister, Lindt chocolates for their SS teachers, John gave his SS friends a puppy coloring book & crayons, & Jax gave his friends Oreos with fun straws for milk.) Have I mentioned my love language is gifts (giving gifts!)?!

All my loves. Thank You, Jesus for my family!!

The Great Valentine brought some coloring books, a fun kids devotion book, some new cups, & few other small treats.

TBT I posted one of our OLD pics! D & I exchanged goodies on Friday. He gave me a pretty necklace I wanted & an iPad cover I needed (to protect it from small hands)! I gave D Apple TV & he was actually surprised! (Yeah, that never happens.) He had been eyeing it for a while b/c we're up in the air about what we want to do for cable if we want it at all.

Just a little more cuteness, real quick!

We spent the day as a family on Friday & that night we went down to our friends, the Wade's, house for a yummy dinner & a fun time! I called it our family double date! 

My parents came in after work for a quick trip over the weekend & they arrived late Friday night. Today, they took the boys out for a fun lunch at Gattitown while D & I went out on our own date. I love dating my Hubs! We had a good day!

Tonight Dad gave me cooking lessons on some of my favorite Filipino meals!

This has been a fun Valentines Day weekend. But I'm so thankful that everyday of mine is filled with love. I'm so thankful for the family I have & the life I live, but I am so aware that all of it comes from Christ-the very embodiment of Love. Without Him, there would be no meaning to this life, there would be no love.

One of our precious youth from FBCV posted this verse on Valentines Day & I saved the picture:

I pray that you know this true love this Valentines Day weekend. Don't miss out on it one more day!!!

I love you & God loves you. I would love to tell you more about Him!

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