Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday Faves (Valentines Day Edition)

It's been a while since I've done a favorites post, so I have lots of new things I'm loving!

Friday is Valentines Day, so I kinda tried to make it Valentines-y.

I'm loving this new blush from Too Faced! You can use the three shades separately, or you can do like I do & swirl the brush in all three to create the perfect natural flush! My Mom needed "help" spending her Ulta gift card, ya know?! :)

Another fave is Stella & Dot! I seriously love ALL of their gorgeous accessories, but I think the hearts/animal print stuff is super cute for Valentines Day! Did you know I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist?! I am! I have their Spring catalog. If you wanna see their latest greatness & stuff you "need," just let me know & I'll get you one!

Another way I helped Mom spend her Ulta gift card: I got some of the new NYX Butter Lipsticks!! pretty, smooth, moisturizing, buttery!, & only like $5 a tube! That's right up my alley!

This isn't just a "Friday Fave," but a forever fave! Ever since college (maybe high school) I have wanted a Pink Vespa with a matching pink helmet!! D is sure I'll kill myself on it. :( Just a dream...

Speaking of LUV...this website/app Luvocracy is super great. It's just like Pinterest, except each product that is linked/luved can be purchased directly from the site. Y'all know my reputation with online shopping (filling a cart & then not buying anything) so I basically just use my Luvocracy like Pinterest, but it's there & ready for me if I ever do want to buy something!

I'm in the midst of 3 Bible Studies right now. No Other Gods, Divine Design, & my Sunday School curriculum. One of my "Friday Fave" is that I'm really loving my time with the Lord! I think it's so neat how God can use & tie together 3 separate studies. Another "fave" is our SS lesson for this week-it's SO GOOD! (SS is always good b/c I have a great teacher, but my own study of it is wonderful this week!) Rest assured, you'll see more on that!

Joshua 1:9 is one of my favorite verses of all time, but it's definitely a fave this week!

My family is my fave! They're so fun & just really neat folks. Thankful God gave them to me!
I also happen to be loving custom stationery! 

This man is my favorite. He's my best friend, he makes me better, he loves me so good, he's my Valentine!

My boys are my faves. We have so muh fun together! I love how Jax constantly compliments me & loves on me. He is so attentive & loving. He is going to make a great husband one day!

I also love how my boys love on each other! They are always hugging & they play together so well.
So glad they're mine!

Those are a few of my faves! What are y'all loving lately??

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