Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Glass House / Help Us Love You

This is the first of what I hope to be a blog series about ministry life. While I feel as if I was being made for ministry life since birth, it is definitely it's own "animal." It is a lifestyle that can only truly be understood by others in the ministry & even then, I've witnessed some ministry folk who don't understand their own life. Through this series I plan to share our (specifically mine & D's) view on different topics, as well as insight into our life. I think it will be fun. :)

Today's post is about how you can help your pastor/staff minister to you & what you can expect from us.

1. If you want us to know about a sickness, a struggle, or anything you're going through, please tell us! Set up a time to talk with us, send us a text, an email, be sure to get the message to us personally.
-Never assume that we saw your Facebook post about it. (Many church staff have at least 2 churches full of Facebook friends, there is no way we could keep up with what everyone says/posts.)
-If we do find out information "through the grapevine" & not from you personally, it's hard to know whether or not someone wants you to know if they did not tell you personally. We deal with hundreds of people, which means we deal with at least that many personalities. Some people are open & want the whole church to know, & some people are private.
-Don't tell one staff member and assume they will all know. Each pastor has an ongoing prayer list of people with different needs. While they all try to keep each other updated, there is no guarantee the particular pastor you told will remember to tell every other staff member.
-Don't tell your pastor & expect his wife to know. If you tell D anything big, or small, he will tell no one else. Not me, not the dog, not another staff member. He will never tell at all unless you tell him that you want him to tell, & even then, he still might not. 

2. When we make a visit when you are sick, or grieving, or for whatever reason, we won't stay long.
-It's "Ministry 101" to not stay long when visiting.
-I can testify that after I had John, I was exhausted! I didn't sleep much the night before, so after I had him I just wanted to sleep. I'm embarrassed to say, I slept through some people who came to visit.
-When we visit we are there to show we care, we want to love on you and pray for you, and then leave so you can rest and heal.

These are just a couple of things to start off with. 

Overall, Dustie & I want you to know that it is our hearts desire to know you & do life with you. D & I both had specific callings into the ministry. We are so thankful that we get to spend our days loving & growing The Church.

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