Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Funder, Fundercats...HO!!!"

One of Jax's dreams for his Baby Brother came true. 

Below is a video that we recorded of Jax when I was pregnant with John. We asked him about some of the plans he had for his brother. This video must be viewed on a computer. It won't play on a phone :( sorry.

To translate a little: Jax was saying that "Baby John" would love Tarzan, the Rainforest Cafe, he would teach him to say, "I have the power!" like HeMan, that he would need a baby sword, & that he would teach him to say, "Funder, Fundercats…HO!!!" (Thunder, Thundercats…HO!!!)

As you can imagine, Baby Brother has always been interested in all that Big Brother has done, but recently, John has gotten curious specifically about the Thundercats. It started with the fun swords. & then today, John pulled out some of the Thundercats movies to watch. Big Brother was happy to oblige as he talked all the way through the first episode to explain each character. :)

Being a boy mom is always an adventure! 

I love it!

Thundercats! HO!!!!!

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