Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Dunn Fun

I feel like we Dunns started the year off right! We had a wonderful January!

After our family Christmas/After-Christmas vacay, my parents took the boys back with them (while Mom was still out of school) & D & I took little trips. Not together :( but no fear, we will have one soon b/c this is the year of our 10th anniversary! I went on a girls' trip, so D went on a hunting trip.

Some church friends planned a girls' trip to Gulf Shores. It was to relax, refresh, & discuss & pray about the many things God has placed on each of our hearts lately.

It was freezing that week, & I think it's hilarious that not one of us stepped foot on the sand, but we still very much enjoyed the beach. Every sunrise & sunset, smell of the salty sea, sound of the crashing waves called us to worship the Creator.

We shopped, ate, studied & discussed the Bible, did crafts, stayed up way too late talking about ministry & how we met our husbands. The whole trip blessed me so much.

John had his 18 month well baby visit & all was great! His head size is in the 97th percentile, his height is in the 94th percentile, & his weight is in the 68th percentile. Thank You Jesus for my healthy babies!!

D & I went to a Dinner Theater while church friends kept the boys. They got to go in their pajamas & just had the time of their lives.

I got to sub again for Bunco & the theme was to represent your favorite sports team. It was fun, but it was the 2nd day of the Daniel Fast, so most of us were super tired. We were not ourselves that night. It was hilarious.

Here I am in my Saints Fan garb. I'm embarrassed for "selfies" & for when people take them & post them seriously. (They aren't embarrassed, but it's just one of those things where I'm embarrassed for them.) 
I do, however, think a selfie is called for when: A) I'm looking absolutely ridiculous & loving it! & B) D's not home to take my picture or refuses to b/c I look so crazy haha!
Check out my photo-bomber John. I think he might be embarrassed for me!
We were so out of it that night, that we forgot to take a group pic. Boo!

John being cute-wearing one of the outfits Pops & Belle Belle got him for Christmas. It's NSU-John's representing Uncle Jessie's school!

The boys had a blast at Playshop a couple of weeks ago. The theme was cars. They made steering wheels, had races, played with matchbox cars, made tire tracks with paint, & had story time. John loves story time so much, he likes to stand right in front of the book while it's being read. That's what he does at home! It's only a problem when 20 other children want to see the book! :) The third time I pulled him away, we diffused his tantrum with the snack for that day.

My 2014 Erin Condren planner came in. Happy! Nuff said.

Our church did the Daniel Fast for most of the month. I'm sure there will be some blog posts to come :)

D & Jax the Sunday night we broke the fast together.

The boys waiting for their ice cream cone at Mimi & Mitz's. They gather around Mitz acting excited & crazy. It's their "thing."

Two happy campers!

The boys eating at Smitty's Pizza-a place where Mom took me & Chris when we were kids. (It was Pizza Inn then.) Brother & I have the best memories of Summer fun & that includes many lunches there. It's really cool that my boys get to eat there now.

Both boys love to go up to the Air Zone building. Jax loves to, "go work at my shop" when he visits my parents. That day, when Mom took them to visit Mitz, she drove around the corner & John saw the AZ sign on the building he said, "Yaayyyy!" He knows the sign! lol

Those are some highlights of last month.

We've just started February & both boys have had a little bug already, but they're already getting better & we're glad to get that out of the way. 

Some things to look forward to:
-We're doing a no-spend February just for fun. :) We were inspired by friends here & are excited to take this challenge. We have $125 a week to spend on anything we need: groceries, gas, diapers...necessities only! We have some ambitious financial goals for this year & a no-spend month will put us ahead!
-The Great Valentine might bring a goodie or two for fun! (All VDay shopping was completed in January. Dustie, I mean no one ;) is getting away with not giving a gift. Ha!)
-I can't wait to share the Lord's blessings & how He reveals Himself to us this February!

Love y'all, friends!

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