Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fifteen Fun Facts

Just having fun & wanted to start a tag b/c I love these things. (This is what happens when I'm up all night with a sick child!)

Here are 15 fun facts about me:

1. My first name is Jennilyn. I hated it as a kid & made everyone call me Jenni. Only my childhood friends & family call me Jennilyn. I actually love & appreciate it now & sadly, rarely hear it.
2. I'm 1/2 Filipina. (Although D will call me every other Asian heritage. Think Hank Hill's, "Are yew Chinese or Japanese???")
3. I slept with a stuffed animal until I got married. (Yes, in college too.)
4. My degree is in Journalism w/ a minor in business. My plan was to do PR for a company.
5. I'm a scaredy-cat. I'll run & jump on the bed so whatever's under it won't grab my feet. I make D take me to the restroom in strange places...& sometimes at home. lol
6. I get more embarrassed for others when they're embarrassed (or should be) than I do for myself.
7. I'm not so graceful. I fall often. So often that my Mom says I bounce b/c I can get up so fast (trying to play it off haha!).
8. I'm really fascinated with how people think. I love to read biographies of famous/infamous people. It can be anything from a celebrity to a serial killer. I'm curious about what makes people tick.
9. One of my dreams is to be a cartoon voice. The ultimate would be to be the voice of a Disney Princess.
10. A huge pet peeve of mine is people not taking responsibility for their actions.
11. I choose to think positively.
12. In regards to #11-I can't stand when people assume my good/positive attitude means I'm naive, dumb, or haven't experienced anything bad. Everyone goes through ups & downs, whether we respond positively or negatively is a choice.
13. I'm a planner & love to make lists.
14. "Gifts" is one of my love languages. Getting them is fun, but I LOVE planning, making, & giving them the most!
15. I'm a product junkie. I love shopping for the latest things & trying them out!

Ok, so those are some really useless things about me! Now, for the fun part! If you've read this, I "TAG" you to do this too! I LOVE learning this kind of stuff about others!

Comment below, or in your own blog, or on your social media page: 15 Fun Facts about yourself. (If 15 is too many, try to at least do 5!) 

Tag me in your post when you do it, so I can read yours! Can't wait!

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