Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yes to VBS! (Part 3)/I Got My Fanny Pack!

Well...I was threatened, so I'm scared to post the long video of D doing the motions/dancing for the Yes to VBS song! (BOO!!! I already uploaded it & everything!)

We truly had the greatest week! I'm so thankful to our Children's Minister Stevie, VBS Director Debbie, & all the awesome teachers. (Seriously, we have the best teachers.)

Jax had the best time! By Friday night he decided he was a "Fanny Pack Boy." Also, they were told all week that they had to learn the songs to sing on the stage for Friday (meaning the parent's program) but when Jax got into opening assembly Friday night, he looked at this teacher & told her that he needed to go sing on the stage...so she let him! He really was paying attention b/c he surprised us & knew the motions! (Video of that is at the end of the blog. Again, it's probably only viewable on a computer.)

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