Monday, June 24, 2013

My Baby is ONE

Happy Birthday John-John!
This year has absolutely flown by! You are a huge part of our family. Your Daddy & I often wonder how the smallest one in the family could have such a resounding impact on us all. (& by resounding impact I do mean all the sweet & positive things that connotes, as well keep us on our toes, boss us all around, & have us all falling in line behind you.) You're already a strong-willed Filipino & just such a mess!  (D is certain it's from my side of the family.)   
If this is life now, I can't imagine how it will be when you can say more!

Right now:
-You are on the verge of walking. (I actually think you can, but would rather be carried :))
-Your very favorite person is Jax.
-You love milk, fruit puffs, cheese puffs, green beans, bananas & tomatoes.
-You love to show off new tricks & say, "Ta-Da!"
-You wear size 4 diapers & all your brother's hand-me-downs.
-You are into everything.
-You are tenacious, bossy, & like to run the show. You definitely know what you want & won't take anything less.
-You want to be so big all hours of the day, except for bedtime, then nothing but Mommy will do. (50% of me loves this, the other 50% is EXHAUSTED!)
-You love to show off your head. It IS a grand one indeed!
-You already love super heroes, cartoon characters, & know how to sword fight.
-Your smile lights up a room. 
I love you baby boy & I am so thankful that the Lord chose to give you to us!

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