Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Sweet Daddy

I am so blessed to have the Daddy that God gave me. My Dad left his life & family in the Philippines to begin his new life with his wife in the states. (My parents have a pretty romantic love-story. I'll share sometime.) Our whole relationship can pretty much be described by one word: sacrifice.

He sacrifices his time. He is one of my best babysitters right now. His flexible schedule allows him to help me sometimes during the week & that truly helps me keep my sanity! Plus, my boys love their Mitz! 

He sacrifices his money. What can I say? I'm his only daughter! For my entire life my Daddy has provided for all my needs & probably way too many of my wants. (Thank you Daddy!) He still spoils me today-especially through loving on my babies. 
If any of you know a Filipino, you know that success in business is everything to them. Luckily, my Daddy is a great businessman. Since I was born he has given his time, money, & energy so that he could give me & my family the best lives possible. That even includes today. He has spent his whole life planning & providing so that my Brother & our families' futures are taken care. (Let it be known that he expects us to work for & earn it!)

He sacrifices his own feelings for what he knows is best for me. My Daddy is one who doesn't like the spotlight, stands in the background most of the time, but he is a strong & steady presence during trials & when strength & wisdom are needed. He gives wise counsel when it's needed most. I'm so thankful for his voice of reason in the midst of some of us more emotional & dramatic people. :)

It's so cool how my Daddy's role in my life reminds me of the Father. God provides for my needs & a lot of times blesses my wants. His wisdom is infinite & He gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm so thankful for my Daddy & for my Heavenly Father.

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