Wednesday, June 12, 2013

VBS Bonus! /Goodies & THE Video!

Ok, I know I said VBS would be 3 posts, but I forgot a few goodies.

FYI: The best goodie of all will be at then end of this post. 

We Dunns love to love on those great people who give of their time & resources to make VBS so great.

Jax's teachers got beach towels, nail polish, chap stick, & some candy.

We gave his music teachers some mani/pedi stuff.

We gave his class friends Cracker Jacks.

& Little Debbie & Stevie got a small goodie.

& now...

We would love to be able to afford a goodie for everyone. Although we have no tangible gift for you all, Daddy Dunn has provided a gift for all.

Here is the much requested "Yes to VBS" worship video. (A special thanks to my friends Jerry & Toni Kendrick who filmed the video & gave me a disc!)

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