Monday, June 10, 2013

My Big Baby is FOUR

Happy Birthday Jax!

I cannot believe you are four today! Part of me feels as if you've always been a part of my life, the other part of me feels like you should still be a little toddler goofing off & trying to make me laugh by calling me Mickey Mouse or some other silly name.

Right now:
-You still love swords, but you love every weapon: guns, daggers, bows
-You're interested in cooking & want to help in the kitchen always
-You love to tell stories about when you were little...LOL (like that was so long ago!)
-You're a great helper
-You love your brother so much & are more protective of him than we are
-You do NOT like morning time, but you could stay up forever
-You love to sing songs. Your favorite thing at VBS was music.
-You're a great story-teller already
-You have an awesome imagination. You are rarely "Jax"
-You already have a huge heart for the Lord & ask all kinds of questions about spiritual things

I love you so much Jaxaroni & I'm so thankful that the Lord gave you to our family!

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