Monday, June 17, 2013

Jax's Birthday / My Plans & God's Plans

Other than writing a note to my baby boy on his birthday, I've pretty much avoided talking about Jax's birthday on here. For those who know me, this is totally unlike me! I'm the crazy mom who starts planning the next birthday the day after the present birthday. Nothing was different for this year. I've had Jax's He-man & John's Little Man party planned for months. Most of the details were thought out. I had two ridiculously huge parties ready to go, (John just HAD to have his own for his 1st bday!) but when we went to reserve the building in town that would fit the big jumpy inside, it was booked. ALL MONTH! So not only could I not have 2 separate parties, I couldn't even have one party the whole month. I did not wait till the last minute to reserve the building...who knew Vivian was the event capital of the world?! :) 

At first I pretty much thought it was the end of the world. D & I called around to all kinds of places, & you know how you just work & work at something so hard only to get the same results (NOT HAPPENING)? We had a rough couple of weeks. "Planner Jenni's" plans were NOT working out. At this time, D & I were also trying to plan a nice anniversary weekend getaway in the middle of 2 seminary classes he had. Again, it just wasn't going to happen. It seemed like nothing was going the way I wanted. It was so frustrating!!! I gripped my plans, white knuckles straining, & took it to the Lord. I finally came to the conclusion that He had other plans for me & that I needed to let go of my own plans. Surprisingly, I was ok with that. I'm starting to come to grips with the fact that His ways are not my ways & His thoughts are not my thoughts & I am SO thankful for that! I do know that the Lord gives me His best for whatever I thought was good enough.

[For those just dying to know, I just reserved the Community Center for the first date available...late July, but I may end up just doing it at the church. And as for the anniversary celebration, we were not able to get a room for the weekend (it was Memorial Day weekend), so D just came back for Fri. night & Sat. & we were able to have a date. It was great.] It's so great how the Lord orchestrates the small stuff just as much as the big.

I've recently started a Bible Study by Kelly Minter (No Other Gods) & she mentions in it, "I think we put an increased expectation for our accomplishments on ourselves..." & yes!!! That is so true. I told one of my friends that the boys' party was probably going to be a month later & she told me not to beat myself up about it. Boy, does she sure know me! The biggest reason I was upset was because reality was not living up to what I had built up in my head. Jax didn't even expect anything big.

I don't think Jax even knows he hasn't had a birthday party. (Other than knowing he didn't have a He-man party.) So far, Jax has had only 3 celebrations, & I realize that that is way beyond what most kids get. I'm not responsible for 2 of the 3 celebrations. I'm so thankful for those who love us. 
Jax's first celebration was with his SS class the day before his birthday. I made him a donut cake to take to SS for breakfast since he doesn't have a birthday during the school year. He has amazing SS teachers who love him & make a big deal over it & just make him feel so special. I just love them!
Jax's second celebration ended up being on his birthday. With my family we get to pick what we want for dinner for our birthday & we just do a little dinner party. Jax picked Chuck E. Cheese for his bday dinner this year, so off to CEC Mitz & Mimi took us!
Finally, Jax had a third celebration at some church family's house the day after his birthday. He got a super fun present, a yummy gourmet hamburger supper, a fun swim in the pool, & an extra special bday cake with all the ingredients he requested! (strawberry, pineapple & chocolate) How rotten!

I'm starting to understand why things werent working out for those couple of weeks, & for the things I don't understand - that's ok! So far, the Lord's plans have turned out far greater than anything I could have planned. Thank You Sovereign Lord that YOU REIGN!

Jax's CEC birthday dinner.

Here's Jax's birthday dinner at the Bowers'. Note: we were about to go swimming. 

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