Monday, February 7, 2011

Wintery Weekend

Here are some exciting things Jax has been doing in Mother's Day Out at our church. I just love our program & I love that he loves it so much.

Groundhogs for Groundhog's Day
He wore Toy Story pajamas for Pajama Day at school

When he got home from school it was too cold to do anything outside,
so we stayed in and made M&M cookies-Jax's fave!
Jax was in charge of the M&Ms...maybe too much temptation...

Time to bake them!

He's eyeing the container...I know what he's scheming!

We also played around with some mustaches we got for some of his valentines.

My little man...growing up way too fast!


  1. Jenni...he is so cute and looks like he has the softest hair. I always loved rubbing my kids soft baby hair. Now Hayden says..."Mom...don't mess up my hair." Wow!

  2. Thanks!! I love to do that & to smell it too! haha-I'm always sniffing him!