Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Valentine!

Ok, so this is my last Valentine's Day post. (I already know I'm a holiday don't have to tell me!) The Great Valentine came & left some pretty awesome stuff! The wagon is something we have been wanting/ needing for quite a while. He rode in one all throughout the zoo when we went to New Orleans. It seems "way cooler" to Jax than a stroller. Also, it seats 2 which will be very helpful when Jax is playing with a friend or in the future ;) Inside the wagon, we found a HUMONGOUS Mickey Mouse! Jax is super in love with Mickey Mouse right now. (That & Toy makes my heart smile!) He also brought a fun Toy Story bag filled with goodies: Toy Story pajamas, books, coloring books, Mickey sippy cups, Toy Story Band Aids, Charlie Brown stickers, minky washcloths & lots more. That Great Valentine knows us so well!

Jax checking out all the goods...

Cups with Mickey Mouse on them!

"He's as big as I am!"

Aww...givin Mickey some lovin

Testing it out...

Feels pretty good!

Jax wanted, "A-Mouse" to ride with him!

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