Thursday, February 24, 2011

"A Mouse!"

A Mouse = Jax's way of saying Mickey Mouse

Our 2011 Disney vacation is booked and I couldn't be more excited!!! Everything is so magical about that place-even making reservations. My travel agent, Petunia was amazing! She gave us lots of tips and advice & I just can't wait to get there! The place is so magical you want to give them your money! We really should invest...
I was excited last time we went (Dustie said I was excited enough for us all) but Jax was so little, he slept through most of it. I'm even more excited for this time b/c Jax LOVES "A Mouse" (think: if we turn the TV on for anything-it better be to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or one of the Toy Story movies). He's gonna LOVE Disney!!!

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