Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MDO Valentine's Party

We had camera issues last week (don't worry, a new one is on my birthday list!) & I do not have pictures for half of the fun stuff we did! :( I did take a few phone pictures-that's what you see in this post, but I'm missing pics of Jax's adorable Valentine cookies, his Valentine goodies he made his friends & his teacher's Valentine goodies. Maybe I can find another parent to steal some pics from!

Jax's job was to bring cookies to his MDO Valentine Party.
We have an awesome bakery in town-Julie Anne's so I ran by & got some.
Basically, you can't go in JA's w/ out getting a petit four...
Seriously, it's the best! I just got one for me & Little to share.

Obviously, Jax LOVED it (just like his Mama!)
He must have had a lot of birthdays in his class lately, b/c
when I asked him if he wanted some cake, he started singing
"Happy Birthday to you..." I didn't even know he knew that song!

All the MDO kids were supposed to make/decorate shoeboxes
to collect their Valentines in. We made an alligator for Jax.

They went with his Valentines he gave his friends.
(Plus alligators holding hearts.)

I think he was pretty proud...

I was kinda proud too. His "mouth" opens (like a hinge) to put the
Valentines in. Inside, his mouth is all dark (painted black) & you
can even see his tongue in there!

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