Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Better to Give than to Receive

We have had so many parties, showers & events lately! It seems all I've been doing is dreaming up fun gifts and wrapping them! (Which I love hehe) I love to find great deals & prices so that we can get the recipient lots of fun stuff. I like for the gifts to coordinate, or to sometimes have a theme. I also like for the wrapping paper to go with it somehow. Here are some just from this past week!

This is a gift for one of Jax's schoolmates/church friends

I think this little striped dress with polka dot leggings is the stuff!
They weren't sold together-I just found them separately & fell in love.
We added a My Little Pony to go with it!

This is a gift for our neice. The paper seems plain, but it totally matches the outfit inside!
I cannot believe I didn't get a pic-but it was a pair of pink squeaky shoes with white polka dots,
little black tutu skirt, and a white onesie with a big pink w/ white polka dotted "S" on it.
Maybe I can get a pic of her in it!

This is also for my neice Stella-it's a book about princesses and a fun birthday wand.

This is Stella's third present-an adorable blue dress with big white polka dots.

Finally, this is a present for a friend's baby shower.
I love the plain white paper with a fun, loud ribbon!

Here's the inside: A Danny and the Dinosaur book, a Ralph Lauren baby outfit
& some stickers with the baby's name on it that can be used as book stickers or gift tags...


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